Statue of Zlatan Ibrahimovic overturned in Malmo 2020


Shortly after the break, the statue of Zalton Ibrahimovic was finally demolished.

The 500kg historical mark, located outside the football field in Malmow, was cut off by the legs, and it fell on the wire fence on Sunday. A soft Swedish football shirt was on the face of the statue.

Ibrahimovic, who had joined the Italian team AC Milan, joined his childhood club, Malmo, in November, when he bought a Swedish-based anti-title, hamerbi, and a stockholm-based group. Give an example of your desire. The best in Scandinavian. ‘

Hours after it was announced, the Swedish Football Association attacked the statue of Abramovich in October to recognize one of the country’s most prominent players – the attack was carried out, and the Wendles tried to deport him and that he was not a member of the group. Along with the super-supreme painting, the painting was produced.

A month ago, even the bronze statue was tried to see the legs, which had silver pieces, while its nose was cut off in the same way.

In a statement to Sweden’s news organization TT, Sweden’s FA Secretary General, Hakan Sistorand said, “I understand that something can happen in Malmo, but when you break the statue in this way, it crossed all the limits. The new ‘

The statue is being evacuated but is yet to be returned. There are no reports of any arrests yet.

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