CM Punjab Says Personally Overseeing Health 2020

CM Punjab

MAINWALI – CM Punjab Usman Bzdar made an unexpected visit to a Basic Welfare Unit (BHU) in Myanmar on Saturday and reviewed the offices given to patients, ARY News reported in detail.

Unexpectedly, during the visit, the central priest met patients who were in the welfare unit and asked about their welfare and the administration gave them.

Patients and Ardlis told of their accomplishments in the administration.

“It is the office holder government that guarantees every citizen the necessary health offices on their doorsteps,” the central priest said, speaking on the occasion.

“I’m particularly looking at the changes being made in the under-developed area,” he said, adding, “I’m glad to see patients being treated well in the BHU.”

On December 22, CM Punjab Usman Bzdar visited The Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, Toonsa Sharif, where he examined the health offices given to medical patients and inquired after their welfare.

He expressed disappointment at the clinic’s organization when patients spoke to him about the absence of test offices for these patients.

The central priest ordered specialists to guarantee the symbolic offices and prescriptions of the cost at any cost to the medical clinic.

CM Punjab Bizdar warned that if the intelligent stoics faced any complaint later, they would be sedited.

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