Stratus: The All-round Multi-featured Social Media Ecosystem


Stratus, the highly anticipated media ecosystem, has finally launched with the promise of providing better social media services than all existing big-tech forums like Facebook and Twitter. 

The new social ecosystem proves to be second to none when it comes to the number of features available within its website and app. It is undisputed that Facebook currency stands to be the largest social platform having billions of users monthly. Although the number of users is high, Facebook has several shortcomings and complaints raised by social media lovers, often involving lack of data privacy and censorship.

Stratus is the ideal social website to bring an end to all issues currently plaguing the world of social media. It also merges functions from platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube with payment services similar to those on PayPal. Each Stratus account comes with a secure wallet, enabling merchants to trade and transfer funds conveniently. 

Part of the ecosystem also includes LinkedIn services to help users search for job opportunities while helping employers find qualified individuals. 

Features that Make Stratus Better than Other Social Platforms

Stratus is gearing up to bring a whole bunch of exciting new attributes to social media. The platform takes the functionalities of available social media services on the internet and takes them to a higher level. Some of these distinctive features include; 

Data Privacy and Security 

Information leaks, data theft, and sales are just a pinch of the many issues currency plaguing social media. Hacking groups boast of how easy it is to hack mainstream social platforms while providing evidence like private chats of users within various websites. 

The Stratus team saw this loophole and came up with a way to genuinely safeguard its users’ data. The platform, which is hosted within the Apollo blockchain, integrates firewall protection via its military-grade encryption. This encryption is tough to crack, even by the most talented hackers, guaranteeing that no outsiders can access private user data, transactions, or communications. 

Freedom to Share Opinions without Censorship

Freedom of speech is an imperative right in most democratic f countries globally. For some unknown reason, Big Tech platforms see the need to regulate every dissident statement within social media; content that challenges the mainstream narrative is routinely blocked on popular platforms such as Youtube and Twitter.

Stratus promises to end the practice of censorship on its platform by ensuring that any content, be it uncommon or controversial, is not taken down for whatever reason. Stratus employees vow to work hard to uphold the right for users to speak their minds and share their content without fear of reproof. Only criminal oriented comments or suggestions will be taken down. 

Stratus Features to Keep an Eye on

Knox World Pay

Stratus has a payment service dubbed Knox Pay, a platform that allows offline BTC transactions through text messages. Knox WorldPay uses a global agent network to help people in every area, remote or urban, to transact bitcoin without the need for an internet connection or a smartphone. Stratus’s partnership with Knox Pay will go a long way in fostering digital currency’s everyday use across the world.

Marketing and Advertisements hub

The premier platform has a market section for entrepreneurs who wish to sell their products across borders. A Stratus account contains a digital wallet that helps merchants receive money after a sale, saving them the hustle of finding a third-party app to complete the transaction. 

The Stratus advertisement hub also incorporates various fields ranging from jobs, services, travel guides, and merchandise. Moreover, the charges to advertise goods or services on the platform are affordable.

Morris is a Technology enthusiast and a writer by night. He has been a part of eTrendy Stock for quite some time and he contributes knowledgeable news articles from the Technology niche.

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