Minnesota man killed a woman who honked at him in 2020


In northern Minnesota investigators charged a man with fatal shooting a woman who shouted at her and shook her horn outside the house.

Angelo Borson, 56, was charged with second-degree murder and second-degree assault in the death of 51-year-old Angela Wayne on Friday.

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Mr. Van went to his home near Badger on Wednesday morning to help him get gas for his car, Borinson advised. As the objection points out, Van Borinson landed before he was ready to leave and his horn started to shake him.

In Minnesota Angelo Olov Bornson, 57, told the 911 administrator, and also told a responding officer that he “shot him,” investigators said. ‘Badger-Lady 566698531.html – In-Fire-Death

A Rosau County man formally charged with the murder of a bajar woman

First January, the Rosau County Sheriff’s Department reacted sharply to taking shots near Badger, MN, at 27899 County Road #4.

He shot Wayne on different occasions by accident, Borinson told experts.

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“It doesn’t mean shooting with a gun” the complaint said. At that time, he called 911.

The Star Tribune revealed that Borson was detained on $750,000 bail on Sunday, march 16, on the occasion of his appearance in court. No message could be left to protect it open on Sunday.

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