Goldman Sachs says ‘gold is a better hedge than oil’ 2020


Goldman Sachs says gold is a contrast between the geographical political difficulties and the oil.

The bank says the oil price “will end its turm oil in the coming weeks.” While the additional increase in US-Iranian pressure may also increase gold costs.

Golden rose to a 2013 high of $1,588 per ounce on Monday, while oil rose b 70 per barrel.

It is the advantage of buying gold during the geo-political struggle, goldmansachs says.

As the pressure between the Us and Iran becomes intense, gold prices have risen as well as oil, as traders fear that they could make supply constraints and groups a place of refuge.

Iran said Sunday that it would withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal, and Trump had compromised strikes on social sites in the nation.

Choosing gold, Goldman says, “The current time is a boyfriend’s step.”

“Gold is a high barrier to such geographical political risks,” jeffrey Curry, head of commodities worldwide, saw Goldman Sachs and his group wrote in a note. ‘

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Gold touched a six-year high of 88,588 dollars per ounce on Monday, while oil rose to a one-year high of $1,588 per barrel.

Experts say, “The increase in geo-political pressure increases the cost of gold when they are serious enough to produce cash corruption. “It often happens during wars or military escalations.

“At the beginning of the Gulf Wars and on 11 September 2001, controlling gold prices and the dollar’s decline, performed well in any case. With these letters, american-Iranian tensions can also help in the additional rapid sleep costs. ‘He said.

Gold a weak dollar “more break-in” and information helped to show further weak growth, the bank said, adding to concerns about “potential late-going swelling.”

‘This is the kind of overshot financial condition in which gold works well. ‘

With the bank’s formation, the oil price’s losses are showing a slowdown in the coming weeks, oil prices are more than our b63 bbl basic reasonable estimates in the face of pre-recession opportunities.

As it may be, it also adds: ‘The additional steps under american-Iranian pressure may also support the cost of gold. All things are considered, we live with our three, six and six year annual figures stay 1,600\/toz, but geo-political stress is a risk if the reverse is observed. Increases.

“The United States is paying less attention to oil interventions and price increases, because in September, the nation has become a pure exporter of oil without an example of the present history” Goldman wrote.

The oil prices, which bank investigators say have been pulled from a strong december rally, have been even limited to any material acceleration in global growth.

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