Democratic leaders urge Trump to release Iran intelligence 2020


WASHINGTON (CNN) Two-running Senate Democrats are approaching President Donald Trump to reject a reasonable warning to Congress that the Us-Rambal strike that has killed Iranian military authority Qasim Suleimani has been a “significant” one. Democratic leaders urge Trump to release Iran intelligence.

It is not clear what is in the proper warning, but such messages to Congress generally explain the legitimate legal ity for military activities.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schmer and Senate View Menindes, who are top Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in the letter, “It is important that national security issues related to such imports be given to the American people in a smooth manner.” The warning is not primarily appropriate in a majority-ruled society, and it does not give the impression of genuine support for grouping. ‘

The letter came after Trump on Sunday flagged off a warning from lawmakers and the public about whether the strike was being advocated.

“We can talk about it,” he said while addressing Board Air Force One.

Top Us national security officials continue to defend the Trump Organization’s claim that it killed Suleimani in light of the threat to American lives, yet questions are running out on the plan and the resolution.

The figures presented are “not exactly agreed” to the extent that it is being demonstrated that the fast approach is imminent, said a Democratic source who was advised by the organization’s officials on Friday. Also, in a meeting with CNN a week ago, New Mexico Democratic Sen. Tom O’Dal said more than once that an attack on the United States was inevitable, as Trump and other top organizational officials have said.

“My staff was advised by many people to speak to a class of offices in the United States government and they left no indication that there was evidence of an inevitable attack,” Urdu said.

A Republican Congressional source familiarwith the organization’s choice to attack Suleimani, but even before that, the president has been reluctant to take “military action” before. For this situation, the american contract worker was killed, wounded others, and then the international refugee fight crossed its line. At the same time, his advisers demanded that the President be drawn to the president, saying that if he did not react, he (Iran) would continue to cross it.

‘I’m sure he wasn’t serious,’ the source said. At this point, when Trump finally prepared to act, he added, “You can’t make him sad.”

CNN recently announced that there was an internal discussion about the choice and work of the camera to create a legal debate before the activity was complete.

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