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The Malaysian banker at the heart of the 1MDB scandal 2020

Malaysian banker

Hong Kong (CNN Business) The $1 billion-worth of unsai-confirmed driving force has killed Malaysian banker and Goldman Sachs has ended its silence by guaranteeing that it is playing a role as an alternative and others. He points to the fingers that are gradually called the “mert”. Error

In a meeting with a Singapore newspaper, The Street Times, Agent J.Lu highlighted his job in 1 Malaysia Development Brahad (1MDB) shame, and presented himself as a ‘mediator’, who was a powerful representative of the far-flung. The first time ion was a child Chief. ‘

“Individuals and organizations continue to act as permanent introductions or departures,” he said. Of course, this is not a remarkable event. ‘

Take the area, whose full name is Loy Tyk Jhow, remains unclear. He led the meeting with the Street Times via e-mail, cnn business confirmed to LOU representatives.

American researchers have confirmed that less and others used 1MDB as slash finance rather than expected to help build Malaysia’s economy. Investigators and officials have said that billions of dollars were used in worldwide fraud, millions of people were using the money, jewelry and jewelry, a hit motion pattern, a New York apartment suite, a $250 million yat, a ponce, and a gathering and gifts. Gaye Lu’s super star companion.

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Kim, 38, said at the meeting that he has a “clear goal” in conflict with money-related foundations, organizations and consultants around the world linked to the plan. “These institutions are highly responsible for any exchange that is identified with 1MDB anger,” he said.

Malaysia filed criminal charges against 17 current and former Goldman Sachs (GS) representatives last August, including top bank officials. The Malaysian government has accused Goldman Sachs and some of its arguments that they are misdirecting the wrong-doers around three-three-bond deals for 1MDb and redirecting billions of profits from fraud.

The bank has repeatedly denied bad behavior and guarantees that it was misidentified by rebel workers who deliberately tied up legitimate and stable groups. He called the charges “misleading.”

Goldman’s former Southeast Asia administrator, Tim Lesnar, agreed to a plan to withdraw cash from state venture finance in 2018. He accused Goldman of a “culture” that he urged officials to work around a legitimate group to score business.

Last October, Lu lost $700 million in legal aid to the U.S. government. Understanding and understanding in which the United States, Britain and Switzerland are located.

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