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Unlock the Secrets of “Pre-Suasion” | Brian Ahearn


Ever wondered why some individuals are consistently more persuasive than others? It often lies in the moments leading up to their actual presentation. This strategic approach, known as “framing the conversation” or more popularly, “pre-suasion”, is about setting the stage before the performance. Brian Ahearn, a globally recognized authority on influence, and one of only a dozen Cialdini certified trainers, unveiled the intricacies of this influence approach at TEDx New Albany this past April.

Robert Cialdini, the widely cited social psychologist, identified the art of “pre-suasion” as a defining tool in influencing decisions. Ahearn, in his TEDx presentation, extrapolated this concept by simplifying it as “Setting the Stage for Success and Happiness.” With a compelling narrative, he introduced the audience to the core tenets of pre-suasion: attention, mindsets, and triggers.

For Ahearn, the cornerstone of pre-suasion is attention. In our information-saturated age, merely grabbing attention is insufficient. It’s the art of directing that attention towards pivotal elements of a proposal that can swing decisions. When directed correctly, attention becomes the bridge to understanding and persuasion.

Ahearn further delved into the role of mindsets in persuasion. Our decisions are profoundly influenced by our prevailing mental, emotional, and physical states. Illustrating this point, Ahearn narrated a riveting tale of guiding a colleague from nerves to excitement, a shift that dramatically elevated her performance.

Triggers, as Ahearn shared, are the often-subtle cues shaping our perceptions and decisions. From the colors we see, or the compelling example of music swaying the sale of French versus German wine, to the ambiance we’re surrounded by, subconscious triggers play a pivotal role in our choices.

Perhaps the most poignant moment of the presentation was Ahearn’s personal touch. He recounted the heartwarming story of leveraging pre-suasion in the most significant decision of his life: proposing to his wife. This touching anecdote, culminating in his wife of 35 years joining him on stage, underscored the profound impact of pre-suasion in our personal and professional realms.

For those wishing to amplify their influence and seeking the keys to unlocking consistent “Yes!” responses, Brian Ahearn’s insights are indispensable. His TEDx presentation offers a treasure trove of actionable ideas, ensuring that the audience can employ the art of pre-suasion to get to yes more frequently and more effortlessly.

To dive into the world of pre-suasion and discover strategies known to millions but perhaps new to you, Brian Ahearn’s TEDx talk is a must-watch. It promises not just strategies but also stories that inspire and resonate.

About Brian Ahearn

Brian Ahearn, the founder of Influence PEOPLE, LLC, is one of only a dozen people in the world personally trained and certified by Robert Cialdini, PhD. The author of three books on the topic, Brian is also a LinkedIn Learning course creator. A keynote presenter, more than a million people have already seen his TEDx talk.


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