Types of Lawyers: What Kind of Lawyers Are There?


When it comes to lawyer types and variations, then they are immense. In this profession, there are multiple number of career options. You can become a criminal lawyer or family lawyer. Or you can become an immigration lawyer or bankruptcy lawyer. Same way, Klampe lawyers have the potential to meet and fulfill all legal needs of yours. Without wasting any more time, here you can check out how many different kinds and types of lawyers are out there:

Criminal Lawyer

First one, we have this criminal lawyer. He is the person who is extremely and immensely knowledgeable regarding all of the criminal law terms and sections. Before you hire such a kind of lawyer, make sure that he is well-versed with the criminal sections and articles. If he is an experienced criminal lawyer, then it is guaranteed he will have a thorough understand concerning the rules around bail and arraignment and also arrest, pleas.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Then there is this personal injury lawyer. The purpose of hiring this lawyer is to get the compensation for the injury that happened to you because of the negligence and carelessness of other person. If you want to file such a case, then personal injury lawyer can help you out. He handles the cases like that of slip and falls as well as car accidents. These lawyers tackle cases of workers who often get hurt at the construction working sites.

More details on Types of Lawyers

  • You may have heard about the demand of Workers Compensation Lawyer. These lawyers are here for giving convenience and benefit to the workers who face lots of challenges in their professional lives.
  • The purpose of hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer is quite clear. If you are facing any of the financial setbacks and you could not pay off your loans and debts, then hire this lawyer as soon as possible. There is a chance that with the utilization of this bankruptcy lawyer, you will get some amount of debt relief.
  • On the other hand, we have this family practice lawyer, He handle and manage all of the legal issues that are attached to your family. Like, if your family is facing prenuptial agreements or any couple wants to have a divorce, then the services of family lawyer is always considered. Furthermore, for issues like alimony and child custody, this lawyer is generally considered to get hired.

Variations in the Kinds of Lawyers

  • Immigration lawyers help out and give out their assistance to the immigrants who are facing legal issues in order to get a legal status and nationality in some other country. In addition, if you want to apply for green card, visa processing phase or you are looking for refugee asylum zone, then you need to contact immigration lawyers.
  • Next, we have these Estate planning lawyers. They are here to plan out and organize your assets so that it may get distributed according to your Will to your children,
  • Intellectual property lawyers help you out with all possible legal issues and problems that are connected to copyrights and trademarks. If your company is facing and coming across with problems of patents, trade secrets, then you need to intellectual property lawyer.
  • Lastly, we have civil litigation lawyer. He manages and handles cases related to contract disputes. Besides, he study and solve cases of class action lawsuits and property disputes. If any of the complaints are filed against a city, then he generally look into these issues.


This is the end of discussion about the different lawyer types. Once you get your undergraduate degree in law, then you have to clearly decide which specialize field you want to opt for. It is on this specialization basis that lawyer category will be defined. If you have more questions on this law sub field lines, then ask from us and we will be able to give you a detailed explanation of your queries.

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