Pompeo backs Trump threats to Iran as US braces 2020


WASHINGTON (CNN) – Secretary of State Mike Trump on Sunday maintained A usthed threat to Iran as the United States was able to counter the threat posed by the nation after a week-long attack by U.S. forces that killed Iran’s top military chief. The new

“The Americans should understand that we will not lose,” Said Trump to CNN’s Jake Taper about the state of the union. We will continue to work for American interests and we will do so in a way that is reliable with the standards of law.

He added: ‘We are trying to re-establish the courage that there is a need to be honest that comes out of the straight way, just as the previous organization left us in a terrible place like the Islamic Republic of Iran… We have developed a mechanism to convince. The Iranian system will continue to run like a normal country. This is what our system is. We are wearing this practical uniform.

These statements come amid growing pressure between Tehran and Washington after the us-led attacks on the local level, a reminder of the last week for Iraq that killed Iranian military leader Qasim Suleimani and some others. Despite the fact that the president Trump has guaranteed that Suleimani was conducting attacks on American powers and that the move was “to stop the war”, he has promised clear military action against Iran that it will “not be able to stop any American or American” attacks. Resources are attacked. ‘

On Sunday, iran’s supreme leader’s military council said his nation’s reaction to Suleimani’s killing would certainly be a “military reaction against the military positions”.

“Let me let you know something special: our initiative has officially informed us that we never searched for war and we will not seek war,” Hussain Dehan said in an election with CNN.

“It was America who started the war. Accordingly, they should acknowledge the appropriate response to their activities. The real thing that ends this time of war is to give Americans a shock that they have done. “After a while, they should not search for another bicycle,” Trump said.

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