Minecraft comes alive

Minecraft comes alive
Minecraft comes alive

MCA or Minecraft comes alive can be extensively configured as per your requirement. The customization options are easy to comprehend. If you are not being to understand, then toot tips are often prompted if you hover over any of those options. You can also configure each of the MCA options within the game. To be able to use the config screen, you need to find the main menu of the game and find the Mod, followed by locating the MCA mod. Clicking on it will reveal the config menu. 

Now you can say goodbye to the boring and annoying Minecraft villagers. With MCA, you can essentially turn this into a role-playing game and have a lively family amongst the villagers. Did you know that you can marry and have kids now in Minecraft? Now, you can with MCA mod. 


  • It adds 13 new professions other than the normal villagers. 
  • There are over 500 different skins
  • Each of the villagers is either female or male with identifiable name. 
  • You get to have higher degrees of control via the interaction menu. 
  • You can talk with the villagers, crack jokes, give presents et al. 
  • You can build relationships or even marry a villager. 
  • You can trade using the trading system of Minecraft. 
  • You can have babies which with the villager you marry who’ll eventually grow up to perform chores. 
  • A child can typically cut trees, mine or even hunt. 
  • The children will grow into adults eventually. 

How to Install this Mod?

  • First of all, you’d need to pre-install Minecraft Forge without which the mods can’t be used in your system. 
  • Next step would be to locate your Minecraft Application folder. 
  1. For Windows: If you are using your Windows OS, find “Run” at the Start menu, and then run this:


  1. For Mac OS: Just hold down on ALT key, and click on Go, followed by the library which just is right at the top corner of your Mac menu bar. Then, you can find the Application Support where you can find the folder that has Minecraft.
  • Once you are done with the previous step, place the downloaded minecraft comes alive

file (.jar) in the Mods folder of your Minecraft game.

  • If you want to see whether the mod is the effect, just launch the Minecraft game and look at the mods section where you can see the minecraft comes alive mod that has been installed.
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