Ambient Sounds Mod | Minecraft Mod | MineCraft

Ambient Sounds Mod | Minecraft Mod | MineCraft
Ambient Sounds Mod | Minecraft Mod | MineCraft

Ambient Sounds Mod 1.14.3/1.12.2 is a Minecraft mod which primarily focuses on improving the prevalent sound system within the game, adding realistic and dynamic environmental sound. This mod’s added immersion creates a unique soundscape which also is activated depending on the biome or dimension the player finds themselves in. However, in certain instances, the mod will be work regardless of the position players hold on the world. 

Once the mod is installed, you will be able to hear birds chirping and other ambient noises coming from the forest biomes. There will also be specific sounds on top of the mountains, underwater or inside caves where reverberations can be heard. Other sounds like the crickets on plains, the sound of the wind blowing past you, seagulls on the bay, crow’s cawing, owl’s hooting at night, and frogs can also be heard. The mod is currently in its Beta phase, so players will often encounter bugs and other errors. 

The following biomes are included: 

  • Plains
  • Forests
  • Swamps
  • Taiga 
  • Savanna 
  • Desert
  • Mesa (no sound as of yet)
  • Nether (no sound as of yet)
  • Extreme hills (no sound as of yet)
  • End (no sound as of yet)

The following areas are covered:

  • Cave 
  • Underwater 
  • Space (no sound as of yet)
  • Windy Heights (no sound as of yet)


  • Sound configurations can be configured via “resourcepack” 
  • Ingame volume for customizing the intensity 
  • Simultaneous sound effects 

How to Install this Mod? 

  • You should have Minecraft Forge installed 
  • Locate the application folder of Minecraft 
  • If you are on windows, gorunning> type in “%appdata%” > click on run
  • If you are on a mac, open the finder, hold down alt and select on “Go”, then open application support folder
  • Place your downloaded mod file (.jar) unto the mods folder. 
  • The mod should appear after launching the game.
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