Iran plane crash: Demands for justice after admission 2020

plane crash

Iran’s confirmation “accidentally” plane crash destroyed the Ukrainian passenger stream, starting applications for equality for 176 people on board who were killed.

These calls were made by the leader of Ukraine and the head administrator of Canada, in which 57 civilians were lost.

Web-based life film has shown fighting in Iran, some of them demanding the release of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The plane crash was shot down on Wednesday, hours after the Us forces attacked two airbases in Iraq.

These rocket attacks were a RESPONSE to the hanging of iran’s senior administrator, Qasim Suleimani. He went on an automatic strike in Baghdad on January 3.

Boris Johnson says confirmation is a ‘very early stage’

What do we think about Flight PS752

Iran had earlier denied reports that its rockets had landed the plane, a representative accused the West of “lying and participating in a mental battle”.

Media captionThe crowd gathered outside a Tehran college, demanding to be beaten and accused of lying to the authorities

Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 was on its way to Kiev, shortly after the take-off, near the Imam Khmini airport in Tehran. Many iranians and Canadians were among the exploiters, just as the citizens of Ukraine, Britain, Afghanistan and Germany were also involved.

What reaction has the Iranian confirmation been made?

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelinsky has urged Iran to “bring the charges to the courts”, send the remaining parts of the people back to the question mark, pay compensation, give full access to Ukrainian authorities and access through political channels.

Unfortunate deaths in air crash ‘were best for us.

For what reason, are we so large In The Plane Canadian?

Later, he spoke to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and said he was guaranteed that “all those associated with this air force will be brought into the equation.”

Media captionTrodo: ‘We need full strength to see how such a terrible catastrophe can happen.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Tredo also spoke with the Iranian president.

Mr. Troddo said he was “angry and upset” and had told Mr. Spiritual that “there should be a thorough examination of how such a catastrophe can happen” with a full explanation.

Mr. Tjudo stated: ‘Canada will not rest until we bring in the family’s abilities, equality and outcome. They are harmed, angry and unkind and need answers.

Mr. Spiritual had promised de-exchange, he said, adding that Canadian accident agents are expected to land in Tehran at any time.

Media captionFootage shows rocket strike on Ukraine plane in Iran.

US Secretary of State Mike Trump tweeted a video of the iranian fighting: “The voice of the Iranians is clear. They are under the control of khamenei, lying, inhumanity, and mercilessness of the IRGC [Revolutionary Guards] system. We live with Iranians who deserve a higher future.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said iran’s confirmation was a “great step” and de-heightation is the key position at the moment.

What has the Iranian army acknowledged?

The confirmation came in an announcement read on state TV on Saturday morning.

It said that THE PS 752 has turned to the “solid military focus\” of the Revolutionary Guards, which is designed to protect the country’s Islamic framework, and has “the strength and strength of the enemy target\” it said.

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