Iran attack: US troops targeted with ballistic missiles 2020


Iran has completed a ballistic rocket attack on American-held airports in Iraq, in exchange for the hanging of American General Qasim Suleimani.

More than 12 Iranian-run rockets attacked two airports in Erbil and al-Assad, west of Baghdad.

If there is a shock, it is a double.

The basic reaction from Washington has been calmed down. President Trump tweeted that all is well and said the damage and damage are being surveyed.

The focus was on two Iraqi bases of Us and allied forces – one in Assad and the other in Erbil at around 2:00 a.m. (10:30 am AT.Mt.), a few hours after Suleimani was stopped.

Al-Assad Air Base in the Anbar region of western Iraq was targeted by six rockets ballistic missiles at any rate.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said the attack was an “insult” to the United States.

“In the context of conflict, this type of military activity is not enough,” he said. Importantly, the United States must come to a conclusion. ‘

Iran has been attacked by the United States with a quick attack after the Capture of the American Consulate in Tehran in 1979.

Iran’s Passover Revolution has said that the attack was in response to Suleiman of the death of His death on Friday. It was killed in a rocket attack outside The Baghdad Air Terminal on President Trump’s seats.

“We are warning every American colleague who has given his base to his fearful armed forces, that any domain that initiates the forced operations against Iran will be focused,” a declaration said. ‘

Major General Muhammad Bakri, the head of Iran’s usual military staff, said the rocket attack only shows “a small fraction” of the Capabilities of the Iranian army.

However, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Joad Zareef has confirmed the attack by making a declaration on Twitter and has denied attempting to escalate the situation.

The tweets show that Iran wants to draw a line down its counter to kill Suleimani, says JEREMY BOON, THE BBC’S MIDDLE SUPERVISOR in Baghdad, and is urging the US to take the lead in the fight against the Palestinian Suleman. Do or not.

Jonathan Marks, BBC’s Obstacle and Political Reporter

In view of General Suleimani’s instability and the interests that his implementation had fostered – Iran’s military negative mark against American bases in Iraq was a rare reaction with ballistic missiles.

The attack was planned without any kind of shock as it could be expected. Both the United States and Iran – for all their dialogue – do not need a more comprehensive confrontation. So maybe a line should be drawn to the next notice under this matter.

Is this the end of Iran’s counter-insurgency? The reality of the situation will eventually become clear.

Whatever it is, it is difficult to see the Iranian approach developing. Perhaps he is still trying to confirm his local goals, not least the Flight of American forces from Iraq.

The killing of Suleimani has de-emphasized the American position there. However, it was a rocket attack by The Shiite Civil Forces against American bases, which had created a pre-emptive emergency.

Has the United States created a ratio of its prevention? Moreover, if not, will the attacks ballistic missiles on Iran continue at the appropriate time?

There are about 5,000 American soldiers in Iraq. President Trump said Tuesday that the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq would be the most dangerous thing for the nation.

His remarks came in the wake of a letter that the Us military says was sent to the Iraqi leader by mistake.

The UK’s remote office told the BBC: ‘We are doing our best to establish facts on the ground. Our first requirement is to protect the British staff. ‘

Britain has kept royal navy and military helicopters on backup amid increasing pressure in the Middle East, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has previously said.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will give a speech to the country, but he has not made any plans, Iranian state TV said Wednesday.

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