Google replies Google Maps ‘hack’ uses 99 smartphones to generate simulated traffic jams

Google replies Google Maps ‘hack’ uses 99 smartphones to generate simulated traffic jams
Google replies Google Maps ‘hack’ uses 99 smartphones to generate simulated traffic jams

Google Maps is an incredibly valuable function that several people use all around the world, and are thankful for its highly steering and traffic functions. 

In recent times, someone tries to “hack” Google Maps by generating virtual traffic jams through a wagon full of smartphones.

If you have ever used Google Maps in a remotely busy place, maybe you came crossways joints where traffic gets slow down due to a mishap or due to some construction. Due to such incidents, the map converts the color of the traffic of the affected roads from green to orange or red to demonstrate that the traffic is not good. And if the condition is more severe, it will search out the alternative way for its users. 

Google uses other people through maps to show the places of full traffic and slow-moving the traffic to show how traffic is severe.  The more people using Google Maps in a single place, the more bad traffic google map shows and, Google also turns the color of the street to display that. 

Simon Weckert, in recent times, took advantage of that procedure with a “hack,” as he mentions it for Google Maps. To accomplish this, he loaded 99 smartphones into a wagon and turned them all onto Maps navigation.

To complete it, he loaded 99 smartphones into a wagon and changed them onto Maps steering. When he walks into a street, Google identifies the attention of “users” and the slow-moving “traffic” and shows that street as having severe traffic situations.

Rather riotously, this can be a reason as other drivers in the zone using Maps to be redirected to avoid the “traffic” produced by this else inoffensive joke. We are hopeful that Google will take the necessary steps to stop such kinds of things in the future; meanwhile, it will maybe be battered by someone with precise resources.

Interviewing to 9to5Google, a representative from Google, answered to this condition to clear some points. In a normal situation, Google uses several devices working Maps in one area to assure the situation of traffic jams; somewhat it occasionally and a special reason get the advantage of it. 

Google also states that its functions are regularly restored through several sources and that it’s dedicated to giving an entire and precise map likely. The company also mentions, rather happily, how it can easily differentiate cars and motorcycles in specific areas, but it has not broken wagons just up till now.

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