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EljaBoom, Okse Co-Founder and CMO Brings You a Complete Decentralized Finance Experience


West Bay Rd, Cayman Islands, 30th August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Blockchain Influencer, EljaBoom ventures into new project Okse, taking on the Co-Founder and CMO position. He has assisted many projects with their plans, enabling them to capitalize on the industry’s full potential and continue to expand their market reach despite competition. Okse is his main focus now.

Okse has benefited from EljaBoom’s knowledge by streamlining its business plans in accordance with market trends and demands. Eljaboom spends a lot of his day holding meetings with users and clients to assist them to onboard with Okse. 

“Partnership building is one of the key successes for Okse. I have lined up partners globally to bring them onto the Okse platform. Onboarding those onto our platform would also mean that we are bringing more clients to our partners’ businesses too. This is a win-win proposition for all of us.” EljaBoom commented.

OKSE is the first non-custodial wallet directly with a Visa card. It is made available to more than 170 countries, all transactions are on chain and we enable payment with crypto in more than 60 million merchants worldwide. 

Okse card functions like a debit card backed by a very strong belief in a decentralized financial system. The only option to access the Okse Card Smart Contract is via the decentralized Okse Wallet where KYC is needed. When KYC is approved, the Okse Card menu can be accessed while signing in with your KYC-verified wallet. The login allows you to upload different pre-selected and also governance-selected cryptocurrencies. 

Funds have only two options after being deposited into the Debit Smart Contract. Firstly, the funds will be transferred with user confirmation to the master wallet from the integrated Signer Wallet, which pays the Debit Card Provider instantly when a payment is made. The pre-selected payment currency will be immediately converted into USDC ot BUSD to keep the value near to the USD. 

Secondly, you can withdraw the funds into your Okse Wallet from which you made the deposit, which works like a multisig: the Signer Wallet and your Wallet needs to sign the transaction. 

Only the owner of your KYC Verified and Debit Card Contract assigned wallet can interact with the debit card. Your identity and funds are secured with your private keys and passphrase. Lastly, I want to emphasize that all the transactions and approvals are documented on the blockchain. 

In a Forbes article, Eljaboom mentioned that he is a part of a project that helps in building technological schools for underprivileged children in Nigeria. He wants Okse to play a part in doing good using crypto. 

“I am looking a few steps forward. Sending funds into Nigeria is not easy. I hope crypto can play a part to ease the whole process. I also hope to bring new technology into Nigeria and use it to help the economy. Okse can be that connector.” Eljaboom added.

Eljaboom has been consistent in everything he has been a part of, and his future goal is to create an ecosystem in which cryptocurrency is widely accepted for its immense potential. He believes Okse has the potential to change the future of decentralized finance.

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