Australia’s Kangaroo Island is a haven for rare wildlife NASA images 2020


(CNN) A third of the land on the Australian island, a refuge for a part of the nation’s remarkable and endangered life, has been singed with the bushy pollution, NASA satellite images are coming up.

THE FIRE ON THE CANGRO ISLAND IN South Australia on Tuesday, NASA’s Terra Satellite caught fire. With dark-colored use signs and dynamic flame, where green greens once stood, this decision can be seen clearly.

NASA took satellite images when the massive eruption of the island of Kangaroo, Australia, took.

NASA estimated that 155,000 hectares (600 square miles) of the island was consumed by the fire, calling it an “environmental disaster.”

Off the southern coast of Australia, kangaroo island is famous for its flawless wildlife. It is a safe nature in which the lives of local unknowns are saved, for example, sea lions, coals and various species.

The island is a house of the Naaed Kangaroo Island, The Danart. A small mersoa was discovered on the island – and the shiny dark cocktail, which has been brought back to the end of the port in recent decades.

According to south Australian government signals, since late December, the braking has been blowing up the island, killing two people, damaging 56 homes and damaging several structures.

A well-equipped South Ocean Lodge, located near Flanders Chase National Park in Kangaroo Island, was put under control.

A great survey, South Ocean Lodge, near Flanders Chase National Park in Kangaroo Island, was pressed into control.

NASA’s image shows that a particular part of the Bism Zone was in the west of the island, including flanders chase national park, where the flames were already triggered by lightning strikes. The recreation centre is a famous place to explore one of Australia’s most beloved species, the Duck Charge Pallitips.

According to the biologists, according to Naaga, 25,000 koalas have come under fire on the kangaroo island, which according to NASA represents half the island’s mars.

The island was once seen as a refuge for The Koalas, in light of the fact that its population was liberated from The Media. It is a disease which can cause the region’s scarcity, disease and death which is common in the region of The Kwar.

There is no indication of a stop in Australia coming out of the deadly control. You must know this

These explosions have been going on in the Australian territory for a long time, destroying houses and cleaning up entire cities. The entire nation has eaten more than 7.3 million hectares (28,185 square miles) of land – a particular part of it is bushland, forests and national parks, home to the country’s beautiful and extraordinary natural life.

According to a report by environmental experts at the University of Sydney, a large portion of the nearly one billion species in the New South Wales province have been affected by the fire, possibly killing millions. The report by University of Sydney scientist Christopher Deckman, which has put forward the report, identified the total number of species affecting the nation by one billion.

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