Bam Lase Body on the Go Releases a One Piece Waist Trainer

Bam Lase Body on the Go Releases a One Piece Waist Trainer


Kim Kardashian seems to love nothing more than working out. She loves to post her selfies in a tight waist trainer that is most likely crushing her organs. As someone who hates exercising, I understand how she feels.  I will prefer 100 birds to peck out my eyeball than to set foot on a treadmill. During high school, I could not complete a mile race. It was the misery of my life. Any kind of intensive training/workout was almost equivalent to death. Do you think I’m lazy? Yes, of course, I know I am. Please accept my sincere apology because I prefer eating cake to take turns of various exercises. I love to nourish my body system with food than I love people around me. I am not selfish either do I have shame.

Here is more about me; I spend almost all my day watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. I love Kim Kardashians. I spend my precious time on the Instagram page, viewing her waist trainers. Viewing her waists training is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I care more about Kate Hudson and her family than I care about my own family.  I don’t know whom Kate Hudson is dating at the moment but I love all the posts on her Snapchat. Her waist trainers are fantabulous. These women are my family now and family sticks together. My major beauty and workout inspiration are specifically from these women.

Let me talk about Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson has turned 41 a few months ago. She has three children yet she looks amazing.  I know she looks incredible. In 2013, the American beauty introduced her line of workout clothes and activewear into the beauty industry. In November last year, Kate Hudson revealed in her Instagram post that she was on a task to get the body back to shape. The mother of three also publicized that her utmost goal was to lose 25lbs of weight. This Wednesday she took an Instagram picture to show off her progress. Her secret was using a waist trainer.

She said, when I started wearing the waist trainer, I stopped having ache in my back. I can sit up straight now, so that makes me look a little more pretty. On top of that, I sweat more while wearing the waist trainer. My stomach was soaked with sweat after jogging for a mile.

Now, back to waist trainers. While following Kim Kardashian on her Instagram, I discovered that every of her sister wears a waist trainer from Bam Laser Body on the Go during their workout exercise. Then I realized that Bam Laser Body on the Go had just released a waist trainer that looks identical to a $300 designer version loved by Kate Hudson and Kim Kardashian. This was when it hit me. If all her siblings can have such an hourglass body shape as a result of using Bam Laser Body on the Go product, then I thought of myself. If I use this same waist trainer for 30 days, would people see me as a Kardashian or would people on the streets take me for Kim Kardashian?

After all this thought, I decided to make an order of this same waist trainer from Bam Laser Body on the Go, and immediately, I got started. Friends around my neighborhood thought it was the same with the Kardashian’s. Without knowing that it is just identical to hers. The waist trainer has squeezed in all my body fat making them hidden. Seriously, this was probably the most difficult challenge of my life because after going through this, I have decided to acknowledge myself as the stronger person; both physically and mentally. Wearing this waist trainer for the first day was enough of a complete mile race. So I have compensated myself with a cake, potato chips, and a chilled drink.

Now Bam Laser Body on the Go has taught me how the waist trainer works. The main idea is that during your workouts, it helps to hold all your fat in place and compress the jiggle down. This enables you to train your core muscle. It was far stress-free to go jogging outside because the cool air kept me from getting exhausted. When I should have fainted, I just inhaled the smell of street meat and sewer water. Haha! Please don’t mind me, I’m kidding. Wearing a waist trainer for the first time isn’t that painful. After a few hours, I got used to it. I exercised for two hours about four times a week for a whole month. Wow, that’s a lot of hours. Do you think I’m now a fitness model? 

Some say sweaty girls are hot. I noticed my swell up waist go down, and at last, felt much thinner. I ended up losing off my belly fat. 

In my neighborhood, boys rush after me. I feel am the only most attractive woman living there. Trying on my waist trainer was a great way to track my progress, too. Four weeks ago, I had to lie on my back to put the damn thing on. Now, I can do it while standing.

The Bam Laser Body on the Go – waist trainer – They usually possess a combination of tough fabric and strong yet cushy fibers. They often bear hooks, velcro, lacing, and other strong fasteners to hold the trainer firmly in position. Using Bam Laser Body on the Go – waist trainer provides an instant solution for women who have a corpulent figure. Do you want to trim down your hips into the right shape or you want to hide that belly fat to fit on a fabulous dress? Then Bam Laser Body on the go waist trainer should be your best option. This waist trainer helps to build an hourglass figure making you look slimmer and smarter. In Bam Laser Body on the Go, we have different types of waist trainers. They include; Bam waist trainer triple strap, Bam waist trainer triple strap vest, Bam sweat belt & thigh slimmers, Bam half waistband thigh slimmers, and Bam waist trainer double strap vest.

These waist trainers are very identical to a $300 designer version used by top celebrities. Make your order today and get the best look that you desire.

Morris is a Technology enthusiast and a writer by night. He has been a part of eTrendy Stock for quite some time and he contributes knowledgeable news articles from the Technology niche.

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