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Why It Is Difficult to Trim Your Waistline as an Adult


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported the high volume of waistlines among adults in the US. A larger waistline entails 40 or more inches for men and over 35 for women. From the most recent data, about 47 percent of United States adults have a larger waist circumference.

The estrogen levels in women decrease, while the testosterone levels in men are nosedive, too. This reduction causes an increase in abdominal fat. In this piece, we will highlight some typical reasons why you may find it challenging to trim your waistline as an adult and how to overcome them.

Stress and Slower Metabolism

As we grow older, our metabolism slows down naturally. Hence, the body burns fewer calories, making it somewhat hard to burn fat.

Also, we become more stressed and pick up more bad habits as we advance in age. We overstress ourselves, gain more weight, and skip meals. Many of these affect the trunk. Rising stress levels stall weight loss and increase cortisol.

Cortisol is a steroid that our adrenal glands produce. It is crucial when you are stressed but a barrier to weight loss.

Reduced Muscle Mass

We lose muscle mass to aging, which also influences a reduced metabolism. It makes it highly challenging to burn fat. Reduced muscle mass can cause abdominal fat to increase because the body may store more fat in that area.

Non-surgical Advances

“You may require a surgical approach if you want a more dramatic change in body contours and waistlines,” says Dr. Johnny Franco of Austin Plastic Surgeon. However, if you seek less extensive changes, you can choose surgical or nonsurgical options.

Loss of Weight

A weight loss program is one of the first known nonsurgical approaches among surgeons. Many facilities commence this program by providing a healthy lifestyle through coaching and counseling for improved eating habits, better sleep, boosting positive mental health, and enhanced exercise behaviors to trigger a more result-oriented metabolism.

EON The Touchless Laser

EON Laser Fat Reduction takes innovation to the next level. By harnessing the power of advanced laser technology, EON offers a touchless, non-invasive approach to fat reduction. Gone are the days of incisions and suction probes; with EON, precise laser energy targets stubborn fat deposits, stimulating their breakdown and absorption by the body. This groundbreaking method not only ensures a smoother, more contoured appearance but also minimizes downtime and discomfort.

Emsculpt NEO

The second nonsurgical approach entails deploring external treatments capable of reducing internal fat. Some standard facilities offer an advanced treatment called “EmSculpt NEO,” which combines two technologies to deliver the needed results.

Permanent Body Contouring

Many stakeholders consider liposuction as the gold standard of fat reduction. Its primary focus is only to eliminate excess fat. However, it is preferable to go for abdominoplasty if you want to reduce fat and surplus skin. According to Dr. Heil, an abdominoplasty works on three levels—muscle, fat, and skin layers.

Some surgeons use “VASER liposuction” to break up fat cells with ultrasound energy before gently suctioning them. This fat removal method is more minimally invasive.


You can see desired improvements in your waistline despite aging if you select the appropriate surgical or nonsurgical modality.

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