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The panto design was introduced to the market in the 1920’s. The glasses gained in a short time enormous popularity and is considered the world’s #1 most recognized and iconic vintage design. It has been worn by models, teachers, radicals, students, businessmen, artists all over the world to emphasize their personality.


It had a unique, interesting and most geometric consistent design. To achieve the TRUE PANTO shape, it is critical to follow the strictest design rules of 6 different radiuses created by a compass, perfectly combined. The PantoGlasses model Oxford is the true panto – exactly the same design as when it was introduced in UK in the 1920’s. Other materials and models have been introduced in the market later and gained great popularity. However, unless the shape of the lenses is IDENTICAL to the original, the spectacles are panto-look-alikes, not the True Panto.


The magic of true panto, is that most every person who tries them on will find that it suits them – in addition to be cool. The reason for this is how the panto design is adapted to the human anatomy and the ocular shape. The frames is like a natural frame around the eyes. The top of the panto has the smooth flattening that follows the eyebrows, perfectly harmonized.


Panto glasses are unique in the respect of having the ocular rounded shape that is optimal for both esthetical and size physical parameters. Due to shape and size, with a relatively small glasses-PD/center-distance, there are no other models of glasses that can provide lighter or finer center thickness or total weight than panto.

PantoKids (Panto model Oxford 35-15) for high powers, especially hyperopic high plus values, are optimal quality glasses for kids from age 0-3 years with squinting and heavy refractions.

Panto are the “student glasses” especially model Oxford, famous for decades.

Panto is known as the iconic glasses for businessmen, artists, actors, radicals, intellectuals and fashion models.

For practical purposes, the smaller size of panto, like model Oxford with or without curled temples, is preferred for use inside motorcycle helmets, gas masks, pilot helmets, for sports, etc.

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