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Students Guide to Rent in England: Academic Year 24/25


Student Housing in Popular Cities Chosen by International Student Most in England

When international students choose to study in England, they often gravitate towards major cities not only for their reputable educational institutions but also for the vibrant student life and cultural offerings. Cities like London, Sheffield, Manchester, and Birmingham are particularly popular. Here’s an overview of student housing options in these cities, reflecting the different needs and budgets of international students.


Finding student accommodation in London can be a challenging but manageable task, given the city’s vast array of options and its status as one of the world’s most vibrant educational hubs. Life in London is definitely expensive and the rent would be the big part of your live cost. But as the student,you can choose the student accommodation in London.



They tend to offer some facilities, like furnished rooms, Wi-Fi, and inclusive bills. Providers like Unite Students, The Student Housing Company, and Nido Student are popular in London.


Sheffield is celebrated for its welcoming nature and affordability. The city offers more affordable student housing compared to London.



The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University provide several options for on-campus and off-campus living. Sheffield accommodation such as Sharman Court, the Moor or the Leadmill Point offer convenient and student-focused living solutions.


Manchester is known for its diverse student population and vibrant social scene. Students can find accommodation in university halls of residence, which are often available for the first year, and then move into private housing or private halls like Vita Student or iQ Student Accommodation. Areas popular with students include Fallowfield, Rusholme, and the city center, where there are plenty of options to meet various budgets and preferences.


Home to several universities including the University of Birmingham, Aston University, and Birmingham City University, Birmingham offers a range of student accommodation options. University-managed halls are a common choice for the first-year students, while private halls and renting in the private sector are widely available for subsequent years. Areas like Selly Oak and Harborne are student favorites due to their proximity to university campuses and vibrant community life.

Types of Student Accommodation in England

1. On-campus Accommodation

Many universities in England offer first-year students a place in their halls of residence. These are usually conveniently located either on campus or nearby, and they offer a supportive and communal living environment.

2. Off-campus Accommodation

Some universities have additional accommodations that might be located a bit further from the campus. These are also managed by the university.

3. Purpose Built for Student

These are purpose-built student accommodations managed by private companies. They tend to offer similar facilities to university halls, such as furnished rooms, gyms, study rooms and the installations like Wi-Fi, washing machine and also inclusive bills. Providers like Unite Students, Vita Student, IQ student accommodation and Capitol Students are popular in England.

4. Social apartment

Renting a flat or house in the private market is another choice for students, especially after their first year. This option offers more independence and the chance to get down your cost. It’s often selected by students in groups to rent the whole set, which can reduce their budget.

Type of Rooms to Rent in England

1. Ensuites

An en-suite room includes a private bedroom and bathroom but shares other common areas such as the kitchen and living room. This option is more expensive than standard single or double rooms but offers more privacy and convenience.

2. Non-ensuites

Non-ensuites provide you a single room within a larger apartment or house and share common spaces like the kitchen, living areas, and bathroom with other tenants. This arrangement is very common in urban areas and is one of the most cost-effective ways to live, particularly in expensive cities. It also offers social opportunities to meet new people.

3. Studios

A studio apartment combines living, sleeping, and kitchen areas into a single room, with a separate bathroom. This option provides complete privacy and is ideal for those who prefer living alone. Studios can be on the pricier side, especially in larger cities.

4. 1 bed flat rent Sheffield

A one-bedroom apartment features a separate bedroom and a living room, providing more space and privacy than a studio. It also includes a kitchen and bathroom. This type of accommodation is suitable for individuals or couples looking for more room and privacy, willing to pay a higher rent.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Student Accommodation

1. Commuting: 

You can rent the proximity to University. Look for accommodation close to your campus to save on travel time and transportation costs. Even if it’s not close to your university, easy access to public transport can make commuting simpler. Learn about the local amenities priory, check for nearby shops, gyms, cafes, and libraries, which can enhance your living experience.

2. Security:

Research the safety of the area. You can look up local crime statistics or ask current students and university staff. Check if the building has secure entry systems, CCTV, and staff on-site in case of emergencies.

3. Deposit:

Be aware of any upfront costs, such as security deposits, holding fees and possible agency fees.

4. Contract & Lease Duration:

You have to treat your contract so carefully. The file may includes the information like your rent term, your tenant price and the relocated rules. Undergraduates usually need a shorter lease nearly 44 weeks and most master student leases are for the whole academic year, about 51 weeks, but some might offer shorter terms or require a longer commitment.

5. Cancellation Policy:

Check the tenant policy, especially about the cancellation. Like the cooling off time, what kind of situation allowing you cancel in free. 

6. Living Cost:

Ensure the rent fits within your budget. Generally speaking, locations closer to city centers or campus can be more expensive. Student accommodations offer ‘bills included’ rent, covering utilities, internet, and sometimes even a TV license or the laundry service, which can help manage your budget more easily.

Move-in Checklist for International Students

  1. Visa and Travel Documents: Ensure your passport, visa, travel insurance, and flight tickets are ready and valid.
  2. Accommodation Booking Confirmation: Prepare a copy of your accommodation booking files, along with any correspondence with the accommodation provider.
  3. Local Currency: Obtain some local currency for initial expenses, or ensure you have a debit/credit card that works internationally.
  4. Power Adapter: Buy a UK-compatible power adapter for your electronic devices.
  5. Arrange Transportation: Plan how you will get from the airport to your accommodation. Some universities offer pickup services or you can book a taxi or the shuttle in advance.
  6. Health Insurance: Ensure you have appropriate health insurance as required by your visa and personal needs.
  7. Emergency Contacts: Keep a list of emergency contacts, including local emergency services, the embassy, and the university’s emergency hotline.


In short, choosing student accommodation in England is a significant decision that requires careful consideration of various factors. By considering all factors mentioned and following the recommendations in this guide, you can navigate the process of choosing student accommodation in England more clearly. Finding the right and suitable accommodation is an essential step towards a joyful and enjoyable education and abroad life experience. Wherever you choose the city to stay or whichever the student accommodation you select, hope you have a comfortable and enriched experience throughout your life in abroad.

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