Spot Crypto ETFs – The New Way to Invest Intelligently


Following the recent issues with crypto giant FTX, crypto users across the globe are concerned with keeping their investment safe above all else. They want to not only know that they can grow their assets, but what actually occurs with their investment behind the scenes.

As a result, many crypto users have searched for a solution that allows them to invest safely and securely–that solution is spot cryptocurrency ETFs.

Being able to diversify your crypto portfolio while also minimizing risk is the goal of all crypto investors, and spot crypto ETFs can be the solution that works for traders of all wallet sizes. Fortunately for many across the globe, one new exchange now provides that solution–Multibix Crypto ETFs, located at

Each ETF includes a bundle of five real cryptocurrencies that have been chosen with the assistance of advanced algorithms. Multibix analyzes past coin performance, various risk metrics and the current cryptocurrency climate to create five-coin bundles that allow users to invest in stable growth.

Multibix Crypto ETFs allow investors of all wallet sizes to gain exposure to multiple cryptocurrencies, as users can choose how much of any ETF they want to purchase, with minimum suggested purchase points as low as 5 to 10 USDT.

Multibix also features a Create-Your-Own ETF platform, which allows users to select and purchase their own crypto ETF bundles. Users can choose from over 160 of the industry’s most influential cryptocurrencies, select the weighting of each coin and how much they wish to invest in their own created ETF.

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