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New Study Shows Steady Interest in No-Code Platforms and Amidst Decline in ChatGPT


(June 22, 2023) — A recent study done by Rosetta Digital utilizing Google Trends data provides a fascinating look into the shifts in the technology landscape, highlighting the rise of no-code platforms, the enduring appeal of, and the decline of interest in OpenAI’s ChatGPT.


No-code platforms, allowing users to build digital products without the need for complex programming, have gained significant traction over the past decade., a leading platform in this space, has established itself as a preferred choice for businesses and individuals seeking to develop web applications without code.

The Google Trends study analyzed a year’s worth of data, identifying a clear downward trend in interest for ChatGPT both in the USA and globally. Notably, while the interest in ChatGPT waned, no-code platforms and have maintained a steady level of interest worldwide and in the USA.

Key Findings

The data suggest a potential market saturation for technologies like ChatGPT, or shifts in user interest and business demands. Tech users and businesses appear to gravitate more towards accessible, user-friendly solutions that deliver immediate value.

This trend is likely due to the simplicity and ease-of-use that no-code platforms provide., in particular, offers an intuitive user interface, a robust set of tools, and a supportive community, making it an attractive option for both novice and advanced users.

Beyond the immediate advantages of no-code platforms, broader trends in the tech market contribute to their staying power. As the digital world continues to evolve, there is an ever-increasing demand for agile, cost-effective solutions that empower users to implement their ideas swiftly. No-code platforms like meet this demand, facilitating faster go-to-market times and democratizing the process of digital creation.

Analysis of Findings

The findings from this study underscore the significance of no-code platforms and’s place in the digital landscape. As the tech world continues to advance, solutions that make technology accessible, efficient, and user-centric will undoubtedly continue to attract interest and dominate the space.

The Google Trends data, besides revealing the current state of interest in tech solutions, also offer insights into the future of the industry. The consistent appeal of no-code platforms and suggests a strong and lasting presence in the tech space.

Significance of Findings

The ongoing demand for efficient, user-friendly software solutions is driving the long-term viability of no-code platforms. As technological complexities increase, so does the value of platforms that simplify digital creation. and other no-code platforms are continuously adapting to meet these changing demands and keep up with industry trends.

Forecast and Trends

The implications for AI technologies like ChatGPT are significant. The decrease in interest may push these solutions to innovate and enhance their user-friendliness, accessibility, or other elements that no-code platforms exemplify. However, it’s important to remember that technology is often cyclical, and a downturn in interest could be followed by an upswing if changes are made.


This Google Trends study offers a compelling snapshot of the evolving tech landscape. The data clearly show the rising dominance of no-code platforms and the consistent interest in, as well as the declining interest in ChatGPT. It paints a picture of a tech industry that values accessibility, efficiency, and democratization of digital creation, embodied by platforms like

Looking forward, as technology continues to advance and shape our world, it’s evident that platforms and solutions that empower users to quickly and effectively bring their digital visions to life will continue to hold a prominent place in the market.

About Hidayat Rizvi

Hidayat Rizvi is a leader and founder of Rosetta Digital. At Rosetta Digital we are committed to providing data-driven insights into the tech industry, helping to shape understanding and guide decision-making. For more details, please visit our website at or contact us at [email protected] , Jagdalpur, CG, India.

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