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Most Americans have faced online hate, survey finds


Over half of Americans surveyed in the last year reported facing some form of online hate and harassment during their lifetime, advocacy group Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said in a survey. Among them, more than one-third of Americans experienced intense online hate and harassment, such as stalking, sexual harassment, blackmail, and persistent harassment.

ADL’s fifth such annual survey showed that reports of online hate and harassment over the last 12 months increased within almost every demographic group in the United States. About 52% of the U.S. survey respondents reported having faced online harassment, compared to 40% in the previous year.

Among respondents who reported facing harassment, 54% experienced it on Facebook, lower than 57% in the previous year’s survey. Around 27% of respondents admitted to facing harassment on Twitter, which is higher than last year at 21%. Almost 15% stated the harassment happened on Reddit, which is also higher than the previous year at 5%.

“We’re confronted with record levels of hate across the internet, hate that too often turns into real violence and danger in our communities,” said ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, urging tech and social media platforms to do more to tackle online hate.

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