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Monetize Your Influence: Host 3D Events with Metafluence


Influencers, seize this moment to shine. Metafluence is transforming the way we connect, offering a dynamic platform where you can host immersive 3D events, captivate your audience, and start selling tickets today. Expand your reach, turn connections into profits, and revolutionize social engagement.

What is Metafluence?

Metafluence is a groundbreaking platform where communities, influencers, and innovative web3 projects converge. It offers a vibrant hub of creativity and collaboration in the metaverse, enabling users to build profiles, increase their rankings, collect badges, and expand their virtual inventories. With Metafluence, you can:

  • Claim Your Metahut: Secure and customize your virtual residence to reflect your unique personality and interests.
  • Host Events: Utilize your Metahut’s Event Room to host meetups, music parties, presentations, and other community events, engaging with followers and fellow enthusiasts.
  • Showcase NFTs: Display your collection of NFTs and collaborations in your NFT Gallery, sharing your digital journey and creative endeavors.
  • Virtual Commerce: Dive into the Shopping Room to sell merchandise and launch fashion collections, exploring the world of virtual commerce.

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