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Dubai AI Campus: A Hub for Future Technologies


As part of Dubai’s annual plan to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence applications, the first phase of the Dubai AI Campus has been launched at the Dubai International Financial Centre. The campus is set to become the largest dedicated hub for AI and technology companies in the Middle East and North Africa. Startups will have access to supercomputers for training AI algorithms and a supportive legislative environment to foster the growth of next-generation AI companies. The campus aims to attract over 500 companies, create more than 3,000 job opportunities, and expand to over 100,000 square feet by 2028. Additionally, global technological partnerships with leading companies in the sector will be established.

Guided by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision, Dubai is experiencing a new era of sustainable economic growth driven by innovation and future technologies. This initiative aligns with the Dubai Economic Agenda D33, which seeks to generate an annual contribution of AED 100 billion from digital transformation projects to Dubai’s economy over the next decade. From realizing ambitious projects to creating unique new growth opportunities, Dubai’s remarkable vision for the future makes it a city that inspires greatness.

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