Iran’s only female Olympic medallist defects in 2020

Olympic medallist

Ali Zeda, 21, Olympic medallist posted via web-based networking media that she left Iran because she would not like to be a piece of “bad faith, lies, misunderstanding, and honey”.

He presented himself as one of the ‘most vicious women in Iran’.

Alizda did not say where she was, amid reports that she was preparing in the Netherlands. He won the Olympic medallist  bronze medal at the Rio Olympics in Taikoando in 2016 and made an impact on the world forever for Iran.

Iran to bring a blacklist of hijab laws

Still, in his online networking posts, he said islamic republic experts have used his prosperity as a purely advertising tool.

His abandonment came when Iran was in a war they were performing a remarkable performance with the United States on Wednesday with the unplanned firing of ukrainian carriers.

The authorities shamed me

“I am one of the many women in Iran who have been playing for a long time,” she added.

‘I told you everything they had to tell me and i was re-instated with what they requested. I re-emphasized whatever sentence they had given. None of us have their importance, we are just operators.

He added that despite the fact that the administration would use the strategy to achieve it illegally, authorities would be “sorry” for its remarks, for example, “It is not permissible for a woman to move legs.”

Media captionOn Saturday, a group gathered outside Tehran’s Amir Kabir College, accusing them of lying about the plane shot dead.

Alizada refused to be welcomed to Europe or be offered a charming presentation and did not confirm which nation she had gone to.

A week ago, Iranians responded with a surprise when updates about Alizada’s initial termination were added.

Iranian legislator AbdulKarim Hussain Zada accused “unsustainable officials” of allowing Iran to escape “human money”.

On Thursday, the semi-official news office delivered a report that said: ‘Stan for Taekwondo, Iran. Camea Alizada has gone to the Netherlands.

Ali zaeda does not want to fight under the Iranian banner yet in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the office announced.

Describing her goal of leaving Iran, the woman in the game did not mention her arrangements, but she said she would remain “the children of Iran” wherever she was.

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