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IgAnony: View Instagram Stories Anonymously


We’re currently experiencing a period of a digital utopia where everything is just a touch away. And thanks to the active growth of technology, social media platforms like Instagram play a significant role in this so-called “utopia.” 

In fact, we’re even achieving new heights in accessing and utilizing such applications. With just a click here and there, you can now peek into other people’s Instagram stories without leaving a single trace of your account. 

But, How do you do that? With the use of third-party apps like IgAnony – Instagram Story Viewer, which allows you to peep into people’s IG accounts quietly without ever sharing any of your account details. These applications are pretty helpful as they offer tons of perks while keeping your identity safe. 

Perks of Using Instagram Story Viewer 

Instagram story viewer is a great application that offers tons of benefits, including: 

Keeps Your Privacy Intact 

IgAnony allows you to view other people’s stories anonymously. Hence, you’re able to go about without being noticed. Plus, you have complete assurance of not getting restricted or blocked by the account you’re viewing. This pretty much keeps your privacy safe and sound. 

Your privacy is ensured as Instagram story viewer allows you to keep track of other’s accounts without actually logging in. Hence, there’s no account for the other party to track. As many value privacy, you can easily go about without revealing your identity by using Instagram story viewer. 

Keeps Track of Competitors 

IgAnony is not just for those wanting to have a peek at an ex-lover, friend, or any other account. It’s also an excellent tool for businesses to check up on competitors in the most subtle way. 

If you have a business with tons of competitors, you can anonymously view their stories, check up on their activities and perhaps utilize them to your advantage. This way, you don’t just benefit personally but professionally as well. 

Avoid Awkward Social Situations 

Following someone’s Instagram or looking at their stories can sometimes create awkward situations. This is especially true if you’re not familiar with them because, let’s admit it, they might see you as a “stalker” or, in modern lingo “Joe Goldberg” (for those who get it). 

Hence, with the help of an Instagram story viewer, you can easily avoid such situations while also reaching your end goal. You get to look at their stories, and they don’t get to know who looked – it’s a practical win-win situation. 

Exploring Freely Without Drawing Attention 

The ability to explore online comes at a price sometimes because every movement you make from your account can be tracked. But by viewing anonymously through Instagram story viewer, you can easily avoid this while exploring to your heart’s content. 

You can easily say no to unwanted attention. Speaking of unwanted attention, you can also go through different hacks and avoid attention without going through any third-party applications. As mentioned before, it’s all a touch away, and you can look up various ways to lurk around. However, it’s not the most ethical practice. Hence, such activities should be done keeping all the risks in mind. 

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