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Founder and CEO of Builder to Contributor LLC Denzel Rodriguez On Living Debt-Free


Tallahassee, Florida, USA – Being money smart has nothing to do with how much you earn, and everything to do with how you behave. CEO Denzel Rodriguez has been teaching clients via his LLC Builder to Contributor about rationale money behaviors for quite some time now.

Exercising just a moderate amount of discipline when it comes to your spending, coupled with the right strategy, can make all the difference between paying off a mortgage for the next 30 years, or owning a home outright in as little as five years.

 “I help people become debt free within 5-7 years or less on average,” says Denzel Rodriguez, founder of Builder to Contributor LLC. “Students learn but also how to use debt to their advantage and position themselves better financially.” 

Eliminating debt, rebuilding credit, and mastering finances can provide a lasting legacy for children. Builder to Contributor specializes in helping others, single-moms in particular, build their own legacies by learning how to understand and master their finances, and use velocity banking to pay off mortgages faster. Rebuilding credit also has the added advantage of qualifying for better interest rates on loans and credit cards, which can save money in the long run. 

 “It’s incredible how once you understand how banking and the debt system works, how you can use that to increase your income and cash flow,” says Denzel. “By leveraging things like HELOC’s and personal lines of credit, anyone is able to pay off their home exceptionally fast.”

Builder to Contributor is more than just financial consulting. The company teaches clients the ins and outs of the banking system to show them how they can cut their interest repayments in half and in turn increase their personal income and cash flow. By being debt-free, there is more money to invest in the future and children’s future, no matter what salary one earns. 

“It’s not about working for money, but rather learning how to make your money work for you,” says Denzel. 

Mastering finances isn’t about getting rich quick schemes, or needing to create a side hustle and work 3 jobs. It simply means understanding where the money is going, creating a budget, and setting financial goals.

Take charge of your financial future today. Download Builder to Contributor’s free resources or get in contact to learn more about becoming financially free.

About Builder to Contributor LLC

At Builder to Contributor, we specialize in Velocity Banking and help both individuals and businesses manage cash flow, quickly pay off debt, build credit and leverage assets to create multiple flows of income. To date, we’ve helped 400+ families identify both short and long term goals along with creating financial freedom paths to achieve those goals. Digitally, we help thousands via online lessons and courses.




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