Wind Power Information and Facts


What is Wind Power?

 The process of generating electricity using wind or naturally occurring air flows in the earth’s atmosphere is called Wind power or Wind Energy. In the world of today, electricity is generated by capturing kinetic energy from the wind into the advanced wind turbines.

There are mainly three different type of wind energy:

  1. Utility-scale wind:Wind turbines varying from 100 kilowatts to multiple megawatts in which electricity is supplied to the power grid by the electricity or system operator and distributed to the end-user.
  2. Offshore Wind: Wind turbines, normally installed on the continental shelf, in large bodies of water. Offshore wind turbines are significantly bigger and can produce more power than land turbines.
  3. Distributed Wind: Small wind turbines of size below 100 kilowatts which are used to provide electricity directly for small scale use, which includes homes, small business, or even farm and they are not connected to any grid,

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Wind Power Information and Facts 

  • In 1919, a German scientist, Albert Betz discovered the theory of wind power.
  • Currently, Wind power is one of the growing sources of energy in the world. Wind energy investment amounted to $25 billion in 2012. As compared to the electricity produced in 1990, 15 times more is produced by modern turbines. Wind power in the United States is an industry worth 10 billion dollars a year. Wind energy accounts for 40 % of total power, the largest source of electricity production in 2012.
  • Production of wind energy is environmentally friendly and doesn’t not cause any type of pollution.
  • Due to favourable environmental conditions, European countries are observed to utilize wind power more than any other countries.
  • Production of wind power is expensive, therefore, not used as frequently.
  • You know 600 American homes can easily be powered by the largest turbines. These turbines for wind farms and in windy areas, hundreds are arranged as a wall. A small turbine can efficiently power a small company or a home in the backyard. An area where a large number of wind turbines are built altogether is called a wind farm or wind project Most wind farms provide the rural area with rental income where they are located.
  • The number of jobs produced due to wind power is more than produced by any other form of energy production.
  • For some reason, wind turbines were criticized. Wind turbines are said to cause noise and disturb the community of the region. The turbine fans, which are slowly moving, are also blamed for harming bats and local populations of birds, but the accusation is baseless as other things such as power lines, vehicles and high-rise facilities kill more birds. Some other critique is that wind power varies-if there is no wind, electricity production stops.
  • The wind power industry is growing and expanding each day. Between 2000 to 2006, the global generation quadrupled. More than 70,000 megawatts worldwide were generated in 2012. 250 homes are powered by only one megawatt. Throughout Germany, wind power’s most installed capacity is followed by Spain. The United States and China are both catching up. By 2050, wind power will meet one-third of the global energy requirements if this growth impetus is maintained.
  • Due to the fact that wind power does not use a single drop of water for any purpose, it is said that by 2030, wind power will assist in saving around a trillion bottles of water in the US.


So these were a few important facts and information about wind power that is going to help you learn something about wind power. Having said that, we come to the end of our guide. Hope that you liked this






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