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What Is A Vevradio? A Brief Guide For Newbies


If you have been planning to buy a weather radio, there’s a good chance that you have come across the term “Vevradio.”

So what’s a Vevradio? It is a compact radio device that generates power internally. As you turn the hand crank, the device starts producing power through a magnet and a conductive coil wire.

These radios come in handy when traveling in areas where there’s no reception. Some of the Bästa Vevradio models you can choose from are Sangean MMR-99 Vevradio (2600 mAh), Multifunctional Vevradio 5000 mAh, Multifunctional Emergency Radio Mini (2000 mAh), and Sangean MMR-88 Vevradio (850 mAh).

How Do Vevradios Work?

Before you get your hands on a Vevradio, you should educate yourself about the way it works.

Vevradios are simple devices and very easy to use. Their function is similar to a hand-powered generator. It uses a conductive coil wire and a magnet to generate power.

When you rotate the hand crank, it makes the wire around the magnet to rotate too. It is equipped with a regulator that helps you control the process, preventing you from rotating the crank too fast. Overdoing it can result in burned circuits.

Why Should You Get A Vevradio?

There are some obvious advantages of buying a Vevradio. The main advantages are:

  • Doesn’t Require Electricity

As mentioned before, Vevradios generate power internally and therefore, they don’t need any electricity. These radios are designed to work without batteries. All you need to do is put in some manual effort to power up the radio.

  • Great For Travellers

If you are someone who loves to travel a lot, buying a Vevradio would be a good decision. A regular radio may fail to catch a signal in a remote area. Plus, you will need batteries or electricity to operate them. With a Vevradio, you don’t have to rely on any such things.

  • Highly Portable

This is another great thing about Vevradios. Due to their compact and lightweight design, you can carry them easily wherever you go. It can fit in your backpack and doesn’t even feel heavy.

Vevradios are a better and more convenient choice than regular radios. All it needs is a little bit of manual labor and you can use it wherever you want.

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