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Understanding VIN History


A VIN is a string of 17 characters, including capital letters and figures, serving as the vehicle’s identification number. Vehicle identification numbers (VIN) serve as an identifier for a particular vehicle. The vehicle’s manufacturer, special characteristics, and specs are shown on the VIN. The VIN can be used to track the following: 

  • Recalls
  • Registrations
  • Warranty claims 
  • Thefts insurance coverage

VINs are unique to each automobile, so they are considered a car’s fingerprint. 

Know the History of your car

Using the VIN, you can determine your car’s History back to the original maker. It implies that you can track a car’s History back to the day it was made if you own one. When buying a used car, verify the year the vendor claims it is. Therefore it is recommended to clear VIN history to maintain privacy.

Inspection before Buying

Knowing the condition of a used car before you buy it might be challenging. You can quickly determine if a vehicle is too good to be true or is a victim of a car buying scam with the VIN check and VIN decoder.

Clear VIN history

Modern automobiles are not only fuel-powered machines; they are also data-filled computers. And they might know a great deal about you, including your contacts’ addresses and phone numbers. Clear VIN history can save you from stalkers and other private breach attempts.

Due to the Internet’s rapid expansion, search engines can only index part in a single day. Several famous news Internet portals are indexed daily, and some Internet databases with cars are indexed periodically. To force reindex each clean VIN,  send it to the search engines. Consequently, you may view the results within a week, though occasionally, it may take longer.

To submit accelerated forced requests to reindex websites from which information about the car has been erased, several VIN history clearing services have personal administrators of practically all search resources.

Data left in a sold car poses risks

The person you sell your car to may have access to that data if the proper procedures aren’t taken to remove it before you sell it, so it’s not just the car that knows more than it should. Furthermore, if the previous owner had downloaded the car’s app and failed to disconnect from it after selling it to you, it’s possible they could have tracked your location, unlocked your doors, and started your car.

Car Apps are Risky

There are numerous connected apps for modern cars. These often allow you to check the state of your vehicle and may include helpful features like the ability to control the air conditioning remotely or turn on the car’s lights or horn to make it easier to spot in a parking lot. While these capabilities can be beneficial while you own the car, if you don’t disconnect from the app, you might still be able to use them after you sell the car, which the future owner would undoubtedly find alarming.

By taking services to clear VIN history, you can delete the History of the VIN of the car (delete all the photos from the Internet and google); no one else can find information about your car on the VIN in Google.

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