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UbuntuToken Community Presale Happening on Pinksale – December 4, 2021


Sydney, Australia, November 29, 2021, Decentralized global cryptocurrency exchange platform UbuntuToken is excited to announce its community presale happening on Pinksale from December 4, 2021, to December 13, 2021. At this presale, UbuntuToken will be selling its own native token $UBUT.

Over 13 billion $UBUT tokens will be available in total for pre-sale, about 10% of its total token supply. The initial estimated market cap is slightly below $4,000,000. 

UbuntuToken – Where Charity Meets Crypto

UbuntuToken is a decentralized global cryptocurrency exchange platform that leverages Blockchain in order to support charities. The platform connects crypto investors with charities through a reliable and transparent donation pathway, as well as uses the transaction tax fees to support a wide range of charities across the globe.

The UbuntuToken platform uses a combination of the 3 most common blockchain networks – Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. It’s a platform that additionally supports the creation, trade, and distribution of NFTs in the form of digital art and collectibles. The token’s inspiration stems from UbuntuToken’s motto “I am because we are,” which perfectly describes its focus on promoting kindness, love, and compassion.

UbuntuToken’s vision and mission are “to build a society where everyone can achieve their full potential and actively contribute to national growth and development.” For other change-makers, UbuntuToken may be a good fit to invest in or participate in its growth.

A Project in Phases

The complete UbuntuToken project is divided into six phases. The pre-sale is part of the first phase. In the future, UbuntuToken is looking to expand internationally, partner with even more charities, and be listed on other centralized exchanges. For a detailed description of each phase of the project, potential investors and customers can check the website here.

UbuntuToken Airdrop

Beyond the presale, the UbuntuToken project is also offering a $UBUT airdrop for participating users. The airdrop will be given to 5,000 random people that complete the following requirements.

  • Join UbuntuToken TG Group
  • Join UbuntuToken TG Channel
  • Follow UbuntuToken Twitter Account
  • Retweet the pinned post & tag 5 friends/influencers, use hashtag #UBUT #UbuntuToken #IamBecauseYouAre

Participants that complete all four steps by December 15th will be eligible to be randomly selected to receive an airdrop on January 1st, 2022.

Additionally, UbuntuToken is offering referral rewards of up to 20 million $UBUT for the top 10 referrers to the platform.

The Team Behind the Scenes

With an international team of technology and finance experts, the UbuntuToken project is in good hands. The team is dedicated to the success of this project and is looking forward to supporting as many charities as possible, and to make the biggest positive global impact they possibly can. 

For more information on the community pre-sale of UbuntuTokens or any other aspect of the UbuntuToken project, please contact our support team at [email protected]. For general information, follow UbuntuToken’s social media channels listed below.


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