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TypeIt (TYPE) set to launch on Bitget Launchpad, The more BGB you have, the bigger your share

  • TypeIt (TYPE) is coming soon to Bitget Launchpad. Token allocations are based on committed BGB.

VICTORIA, Seychelles, July 3, 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, TypeIt (TYPE) is a revolutionary new keyboard that allows users to earn a passive income simply by using it to conduct their day-to-day typing activities. This innovative keyboard has converted keyboard themes into non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, which users can own and use to earn tokens as they type.

TypeIt Launchpad details

  • Token name: TypeIt (TYPE)
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 TYPE
  • Launchpad volume: 20,000,000 TYPE (2% of total supply)
  • Exchange rate: 1 TYPE = 0.05 USDT (BGB swap price will be announced after the holding calculation period ends)

How to participate:

  1. Log in to your Bitget account.
  2. Hold BGB in an asset account so that the average BGB holding volume can be calculated based on the snapshots taken from June 30, 00:00 AM – July 5, 00:00 AM (UTC+8).
  3. Calculate BGB investment cap.

Participants’ BGB investment cap is based on your average BGB holdings during the calculation period. Users’ BGB holdings in all accounts (including your spot account, margin account, futures account, P2P account, and Earn account) are taken into consideration, including the amounts that are frozen or locked up.

4. The BGB swap price will be announced when the commitment period starts, which will be the average BGB price during the calculation period (calculated every four hours).

5. Use BGB.

Participants’ BGB investment cap is based on your average BGB holdings during the calculation period. Users can choose to put a smaller amount. The BGB that you use will be locked up while awaiting allocation.

6. Investment calculation.

After the commitment period ends, the system will calculate the amount of Launchpad tokens to be allocated to each user.

7. BGB deduction.

After the allocation to each user is determined, Bitget will deduct the BGB from your account accordingly. The Launchpad tokens and any remaining BGB will be automatically sent to your spot account. (Launchpad tokens for this promotion will be unlocked in batches.)

8. Notes:

(1) The snapshots of BGB holdings will be taken after the holding calculation period begins. Make sure to prepare holdings as early as possible. Users average BGB holdings = Sum of BGB holdings at each time of snapshot ÷ Total number of snapshots. The total number of snapshots during the holding calculation period is fixed. If you have not prepared your BGB holdings before the start time of the holdings calculation period, you may miss out on some snapshots.

(2) Market maker and broker accounts are not eligible for the promotion.

(3) Only main accounts are eligible for the promotion. Any sub-accounts participating in this promotion will be disqualified and will not receive any rewards.

TypeIt (TYPE) Launchpad schedule

Participation information:


PR Contact


[email protected]


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