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Top Reasons Why You Should Mediate Your Family Law Case


Mediation has many benefits, which lawyers realize as they are turning to mediation more frequently than before. A major benefit of mediation is that it allows parties to be hard. Also, it saves time and money, and you may completely avoid the costs of going to trial.

Family law cases are some of the most suited cases for alternative dispute resolution, although mediation can happen in any lawsuit. Here are some reasons to convince you to consider mediation for your family law case.

Mediation Gives You a Better Understanding of What You Want

The first reason is that when you opt for mediation, parties in the case are certain about what they want. Parties can begin thinking about what compromises they can live with if they cannot get everything they want.

During mediation, the parties involved will identify their priorities and likely conclude that what they want is not what they thought. This clarity of goals makes settling cases that appear destined for trial much easier.

Parties Have More Control

Family law cases entail heightened emotions; for a good reason, they will likely have a greater impact on lives. At trial, the judge or jury will rule on different issues with which the parties involved must comply. Mediation grants the parties involved in the case more control over how it goes.

Division of Assets is Much Easier

Family law tends to focus more on children and custody issues, but other issues can also arise. These include the division of marital property, which is better handled with mediation than trial.

Dividing assets can be frustrating for all the parties involved, especially when some have more emotional value. For instance, a spouse may forfeit a car for a set of golf clubs. Mediation helps parties identify marital assets’ financial and emotional value and divide in a way both agree.

A Chance to Be Heard

In a family dispute, each party wants to be heard, vent, and express their frustrations, which would be impossible in a trial. By mediating the case, parties can express themselves without worrying about their outbursts hurting the outcome. People who feel heard are more likely to consider settlement options they would not have considered before.

Be Reminded of the Big Picture

A settled family law case is one where everyone feels like they came away with something from the table. A mediator who patiently listens to both sides can facilitate this process. They can also remind the parties that their actions and decisions now will impact their lives and possibly forever.

For example, they still have families in common and, at some point, will have to interact with each other. Occasions like weddings, birthdays, and graduations will warrant that they interact with each other. Mediation enables clients to leave with a sense of dignity and also move forward positively.


Mediation, especially in family law cases, is an alternative dispute resolution that has always brought about a better outcome than a trial. The purpose of mediation in a family law case is to leave family members better off than when the case began.

“If you are a family law attorney, remember this; you will have better chances of helping your clients settle. Both parties will walk away satisfied or at least with a compromise they can live with, and everyone can move on with their lives.” says Attorney Paul Riley of The Riley Divorce & Family Law Firm

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