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Tony Ko and Joyce Xie: Advocates for Community Empowerment and Safety in NYC Assembly District 49


In the bustling and diverse streets of Brooklyn, New York, the names Tony Ko and Joyce Xie resonate as champions of positive change and community empowerment. As candidates for NYC Assembly District 49, Tony Ko and Joyce Xie bring a wealth of experience, passion for public service, and a deep-rooted commitment to improving the lives of their constituents.

From the outset of their journey into community leadership, Tony Ko and Joyce Xie have been driven by a shared dedication to fostering a safer, more inclusive environment for all. Their tireless efforts have been marked by a series of impactful initiatives and events aimed at addressing pressing issues and uplifting the voices of those they serve.

One of the hallmark initiatives of Tony Ko and Joyce Xie’s campaign is their unwavering commitment to public safety. Through their dedicated Public Safety Team, they have worked tirelessly to ensure that the most vulnerable members of the community, including children, the elderly, women, pregnant women, and the disabled, are protected and able to travel safely in the district.

Their commitment to community engagement and empowerment is evident in their active participation in a myriad of events and initiatives. From ribbon-cutting ceremonies for new schools to the grand opening of parks and community centers, Tony Ko and Joyce Xie are consistently present, lending their support and advocating
for positive change.

Furthermore, their dedication to addressing the needs of seniors in the community is unwavering. Through initiatives such as visits to nursing homes and senior centers, they have actively listened to the concerns of elderly residents and have pledged to work tirelessly to ensure they have access to the resources and support they need.

In addition to their proactive approach to community engagement, Tony Ko and Joyce Xie are not afraid to stand up and advocate for their constituents. From participating in protest demonstrations against blanket homeless policies to organizing public safety workshops, they have consistently demonstrated their commitment to amplifying the voices of the community and fighting for their interests.

As the election date approaches, Tony Ko and Joyce Xie urge their fellow constituents to join them in their mission to create a safer, more inclusive, and vibrant community. With a proven track record of leadership, dedication, and advocacy, Tony Ko and Joyce Xie are the right choice for NYC Assembly District 49 leaders. Don’t forget to vote for
Tony Ko and Joyce Xie on June 25th! Your support will help them continue their work and make a difference in our community. Together, let’s build a better Brooklyn for all.

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Instagram: tonyko_joycexie
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Twitter : @tonyko_joycexie
Youtube : @Tonyko_Joycexie

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