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“The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts”: How This Simple Proverb Can Transform Your Dating Life


In today’s fragmented world, our attention is simultaneously pulled in a million different directions by our phones, laptops, notifications and social media feeds. For men working on their dating lives, this gets even more overwhelming since they feel the need  to work on fitness, fashion, emotional intelligence and their career. Existing solutions tend to address this problem from a narrow lens, i.e. achieve a single digit body fat and get the woman of your dreams, dress fashionably and get the woman of your dreams, or learn about emotional intelligence and get the woman of your dreams. 

While these approaches can be cool to market, they fall short because they address a narrow part of the problem. The permanent solution to have a fulfilling dating life requires a holistic approach since different facets of our life are interconnected, and in constant feedback loops with each other. For example, poor time management leads to stress and lack of sleep, both of which affect our ability to connect with people while socializing. A lack of fitness can have an impact on someone’s self image, preventing them from trusting themselves to be authentic. That is why building a fulfilling dating life is best achieved through a holistic transformation where one balances the different facets of being a magnetic man.

That is exactly the transformation Ege Reynolds guides men through using his REEL Attraction System. He helps men build a fulfilling dating life through combining spirituality with emotional intelligence, neuroscience and social psychology. The REEL Attraction System is built on the four principles of Relaxation, Expression, Empathy and Leading – which allow his clients to build their own intuition around navigating relationships in an ethical and compassionate way and sets them up for long term success. 

While the four principles help his clients with emotional intelligence that lead to successful relationships, Ege also builds the right systems and strategies for them to sustain this transformation for the rest of their lives. Since Ege’s clients typically work long hours for companies like Google, Amazon and Meta, he helps his clients optimize their schedules so that they can meet their ideal type of women in a few hours a week. This is accomplished through analyzing the clients’ personality types and hobbies to strategically pick venues. Combining this with the REEL principles allows clients to easily start conversations and see if the spark is there with women they meet, and schedule a date if there is mutual interest. 

Ege also uses a custom built gamification system that incentivizes clients to execute on their key habits consistently to ensure clients are also improving themselves in addition to meeting women. This gamification system uses concepts from neuroscience, habit formation and social psychology to hold clients accountable to their daily habits such as meditating, working out, socializing. 

Additionally, Ege uses business intelligence tools to convert these metrics into custom dashboards and see the weekly progress of each and every client and provide data-driven action plans. Through creating a one stop shop for tracking and incentivizing the important habits, Ege utilizes a balanced coaching plan for his clients, making their transformation sustainable and permanent. Ege also tailors fashion revamps congruent to his clients, allowing them to present themselves in a way that authentically attracts the right people into their clients life. 

Truth is, creating a transformation that lasts takes a lot more work than giving people a set of lines to practice. But, by changing who his clients are, Ege changes how they act – and empower them to know how to act in every situation without needing his guidance anytime an unusual situation comes along.  

The end result? Men who have high empathy and emotional intelligence, with a good sense of fashion, strong habits around time management and fitness, who are also capable of being truly present with the person in front of them. When they step into this version of themselves who encompasses all of these qualities simultaneously, they become more magnetic than the guy who is just shredded, or who only dresses really well. These men who improve their dating lives in a balanced way build a self-reliance that enables them to navigate all the twists and turns that life throws at them. 

If you want to check out how Ege does this with his clients, visit his YouTube channel, Facebook, or Instagram.

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