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The Pot Shop Now Offers Exotic Cannabis Strains


San Francisco, CA, 16th November 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The co-founders of ThePotShop, an online weed shop in San Francisco, California, are excited to announce that they are now offering clients in all 50 states a wide selection of weed products for shipping. Until recently these products were only available in states where marijuana was legal. A spokesperson for ThePotshop noted, as more states make weed legal, shipping marijuana is the next largest opportunity in the industry. Several big cannabis companies have started offering shipping services in the San Francisco area. Federal legalization is imminent, the representative noted, every organization in the cannabis industry is getting ready mail order marijuana for this 500 Billion Dollar market that will grow year over year exponentially.  Canada is a great example of a successful mail order weed system.  In many parts, clients can only receive mail as these places so remote and out of the way for traditional deliveries.  The road map for a successful mail order weed system has been drawn up. Now it’s time to see how the United States handle this critical market. 

The spokesperson also noted that customers all over the country want more variety of strains only available in California. California weed is definitely in high demand across the country. This includes the popular Horchata Strain and Mac 1 strain.  There seems to be a larger demand for Hybrids among the cannabis community.  With there being so many selections of strains of weed with different tastes and THC percentages, the cannabis industry is becoming highly specialized and customized in regards to the customer.  Cannabis users also prefer different methods of getting their THC. Edibles are a bit hit among those who prefer a longer lasting effect on the body. Being one of the first States that legalized, California along with Colorado and Oregon have the most recognizable and trusted strains and products. The Pot Shop representative also noted that there has been a lot of commercial interest in states that have marijuana legalization on their ballet for the midterms. 

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