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The Netizens Report Most Handsome_ Justin Dedios, Build Jakapan, Zhang ZheHan On Cover


United States — The beneficiaries of special titles in appreciation of their excellent looks and charm in the entertainment business for the year 2023 have been made public by the famous survey platform The Netizens Report. These extraordinary people have won plaudits for captivating audiences all around the world with their unrivalled charisma and talent. The honorees are highlighted on the cover of the mid-year beauty issue of The Netizens Report, highlighting their unmatched beauty.

YOON & TON – The Best Looking Thai BL Couple of 2023:

The scintillating chemistry and irresistible charm of YOON and TON have made them the quintessential Thai BL couple of 2023. Their on-screen magic and off-screen camaraderie have earned them a devoted global fanbase, making them a celebrated and beloved pair in the entertainment world.

Lee Min-Ho – The Most Handsome Korean Actor of 2023:

Lee Min-Ho’s magnetic presence and undeniable talent have consistently set hearts aflutter worldwide. In 2023, he claims the title of “The Most Handsome Korean Actor,” leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of fans and solidifying his status as an international heartthrob.

Build Jakapan – The Most Handsome Thai Actor of 2023:

Build Jakapan’s striking looks and impressive acting prowess have garnered him the prestigious title of “The Most Handsome Thai Actor” in 2023. With his versatile performances and undeniable charm, he continues to captivate audiences both domestically and abroad.

Zhang ZheHan – The Most Handsome Chinese Actor of 2023 and The Most Loved Chinese Actor of 2023:

Zhang ZheHan’s charisma and talent have earned him not one, but two distinguished titles in 2023. As “The Most Handsome Chinese Actor,” he has left an indelible impression on viewers, while as “The Most Loved Chinese Actor,” he has won the hearts of countless admirers, solidifying his position as a cherished figure in the Chinese entertainment industry.

The Netizens Report Beauty edition for the mid-year serves as a tribute to these exceptional public figures who have left an indelible mark in the entertainment landscape. The cover features these remarkable individuals, showcasing their undeniable allure and the impact they have had on fans worldwide.

As the survey results unfold, the global community eagerly anticipates more exciting updates from The Netizens Report, as they continue to provide insights into public opinions on beauty, entertainment, and various other subjects.

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