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SuiPad Launches Releap Protocol: Empowering Web3 Social Graph on the Sui Blockchain


Singapore, July 26, 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, SuiPad, the leading launchpad for tier 1 projects on the Sui network, is thrilled to announce the launch of Releap Protocol on 7th of August. This groundbreaking protocol on the Sui aims to revolutionise creators ownership of their community relationships, establishing a fully composable, decentralized social network.

What is Releap Protocol?

Releap Protocol strives to create a fully composable social graph, enabling true ownership of content and fostering a vibrant decentralized social network for creators and users alike.

Releap App serves as a cutting-edge social networking platform, prioritising content quality and creator ownership. Collaborations with prominent creators are underway to diversify the content on the platform, while incentives are being developed to encourage community-generated content and reward high-quality contributions.

Releap Protocol is an innovative solution targeting Web3 projects and users, aiming to revolutionise social networking and content ownership in the decentralized space. By leveraging strategic partnerships and integrating with the Sui ecosystem, Releap Protocol provides a platform for Web3 projects to build applications, store data on-chain and receive rewards.

What Makes Releap Protocol Unique? 

Releap Protocol offers a range of unique features that differentiate it from centralised Web2 platforms and even other social graph protocols. 

These features include:

  1. Elimination of corporate control: Releap aims to disrupt the centralised Web2 model dominated by companies like Meta and Twitter, empowering users by removing corporate control over user access and data.
  2. Direct monetisation of content: Unlike traditional advertising models, Releap enables users to monetise their work directly. Users can set fees for accessing their posts or following them, ensuring that revenue flows directly to creators, bypassing platform control.
  3. Ownership of content: Through Profile NFTs, Releap ensures that content creators have exclusive ownership of their creations. They can sell ownership by transferring the NFT, giving creators full control over their content.
  4. Sponsored transactions: Releap Protocol Apps can subsidise social activities within their platform, offering sponsored transactions as a competitive advantage over protocols like Lens built on Polygon.
  5. Decentralized content metadata: Content Objects on Releap store metadata on the Sui blockchain, making it less susceptible to arbitrary censorship. This provides content creators with more control and ownership over their creations.

Roadmap of Releap Protocol:

  • Sui Mainnet Launch: The protocol will be launched on the Sui Mainnet, establishing its foundation for decentralized social networking.
  • Community Curation: Releap Protocol will introduce community curation, allowing users to curate and serve content on the protocol, enhancing the quality of social experiences.
  • Releap DAO Launch: Releap Protocol has plans to launch the Releap DAO, a decentralised autonomous organization that will enable community governance and decision-making. The Releap DAO will give stakeholders a voice in shaping the future development and direction of the protocol.
  • Sponsored Transactions using $REAP: Releap will develop the functionality for sponsored transactions, enabling users to subsidise social activities within the platform using the native $REAP token.
  • Mobile Integration and Expansion of Features: Releap Protocol aims to expand its reach by integrating with mobile platforms, making it accessible to a wider user base. Additionally, the protocol will continuously enhance and expand its features to cater to the evolving needs of users and developers in the Web3 space.
  • Expansion to other chains

Tokenomics of Releap Protocol: 

Ticker: $REAP

Blockchain: Sui Network

Private Round: $0.02

Seed Price: $0.013

IDO Price: $0.013

Listing Price: $0.013

Initial Market Cap: $491,400 USD

Total Supply: 800 million 

Introduction of SuiPad: 

SuiPad is the official launchpad partner of the Sui network, dedicated to supporting and promoting innovative projects like Releap Protocol. As a premier launchpad, SuiPad provides a safe and reliable investment environment, ensuring the protection of participants’ capital. SuiPad’s staking and tiering system enables supporters and investors of Releap Protocol to earn higher tier levels, increasing their allocation size for project launches and unlocking additional benefits within the SuiPad ecosystem.

Join the SuiPad and Releap Protocol communities:

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Releap Protocol:





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