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SIMART Leads the Celebration of International Children’s Day in Azerbaijan


On June 1st, Azerbaijan, known as the Land of Fire, celebrated the “International Day for the Protection of Children” with great enthusiasm and energy. This important day, dedicated to the well-being and rights of children worldwide, saw various events and activities across the country, one of the most notable being organized by the “SIMART” Healthy Development Platform in collaboration with the “Bilim Bakı” Center under the governmental organization “ASAN Service“.

The event kicked off with an official segment where the head of the “Bilim Bakı” Center took the stage to speak about the numerous initiatives and facilities provided for children’s development at the Center. Emphasizing the importance of creating nurturing environments for young minds, the head highlighted the extensive work done in areas such as education, mental health, and extracurricular activities. The speech set a positive tone for the day, reinforcing the commitment of these organizations to the holistic development of children.

Following the introductory remarks, the focus shifted to the “SIMART” project. Presenters detailed the objectives and achievements of this innovative platform, which aims to foster healthy development through engaging content and programs. The “SIMART” project was showcased as a beacon of creativity and education, with its array of interesting stories and animations designed for both children and teenagers. Additionally, the presentation included an overview of the Bookworm marathon, a reading initiative that has been enthusiastically received by the community. This marathon encourages children to develop a love for reading, enhancing their literacy skills and expanding their imaginations.

The next part of the event was designed to be highly interactive, allowing children to immerse themselves in various fun and educational activities. A master class focused on design allowed the young participants to explore their creativity, learning basic principles of design through hands-on activities. This was followed by team games, which were not only entertaining but also emphasized the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and communication among children.

Fairy tale hours were another highlight, capturing the imagination of the children through engaging storytelling sessions. These sessions were designed to transport the young minds into different worlds, fostering their creativity and love for literature. The storytelling was interactive, with children encouraged to participate and share their thoughts, making the experience even more enriching.

For parents, a dedicated “Parent Hour” featured a panel discussion on various topics related to parenting and child development. This session provided valuable insights and practical advice for parents, helping them to better support their children’s growth and development. Topics ranged from effective communication with children to managing screen time and encouraging healthy habits.

Throughout the event, the atmosphere was filled with joy and excitement. Over 100 children attended, participating actively in the activities and enjoying every moment. The organizers ensured that every child felt special and included, creating an environment of celebration and learning. To add to the festive spirit, gifts were presented to the winners of various competitions held during the event. These gifts served as tokens of encouragement, celebrating the children’s efforts and achievements.

“SIMART” is more than just an event organizer; it is a comprehensive healthy development platform committed to enriching the lives of children and teenagers. It offers a unique blend of educational content, engaging stories, and development programs for both children and their parents. Over the past three months, “SIMART” has been remarkably active, hosting more than 10 events that have reached an audience of over 1,000 people. The platform has also produced and animated 12 stories, which have been made available on its YouTube channel, gaining significant viewership and positive feedback.

This celebration of International Children’s Day in Azerbaijan, spearheaded by “SIMART” and “Bilim Bakı,” stands as a testament to the power of community and the importance of investing in the future generation. The event not only provided a day of fun and learning for children but also reinforced the critical role of educational and developmental programs in shaping a better future. As “SIMART” continues its mission, it promises to remain a vital resource for children and parents alike, fostering a brighter, healthier, and more imaginative future for all.

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