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Sea Sync Community Vertical Fishery Eco Village Wins the A’ Futuristic Design Award 2024


Sea Sync Community Vertical Fishery Eco Village, designed by Xianming Sang and Renyi Zhang, has been awarded the A’ Design Award for 2024, a significant recognition in the realm of Futuristic Design.

In a major acknowledgment of design excellence and innovation, the “Sea Sync Community Vertical Fishery Eco Village” by Xianming Sang and Renyi Zhang has received the A’ Futuristic Design Award in the prestigious A’ Design Awards for 2024. This award underscores the exceptional design quality and innovative approach of the project in the highly competitive futuristic design category.

The A’ Design Award celebrates the remarkable conceptual vision and influential role of the Sea Sync Community Vertical Fishery Eco Village. This project is distinguished for its integration of traditional fishing culture with contemporary sustainability practices, setting new standards for eco-efficiency and cultural preservation.

About Sea Sync Community Vertical Fishery Eco Village

Located in Hainan, China, the Sea Sync Community redefines sustainable coastal living. This vertical village, home to over 8,300 residents, combines traditional fishing culture with advanced sustainability practices. Utilizing solar and tidal energy, sophisticated recycling systems, and biodiversity support, the village exemplifies a harmonious blend of human and natural ecosystems, emphasizing heritage preservation and innovation for a sustainable future.

About A’ Design Awards

The A’ Design Award & Competition is globally renowned for celebrating superior design across various categories. It employs a rigorous evaluation process conducted by a panel of industry experts, journalists, and academics. The A’ Futuristic Design Award honors outstanding conceptual architectures, advanced robotics, innovative transportation systems, futuristic fashion designs, progressive furniture pieces, next-gen electronic gadgets, and groundbreaking biotech innovations.

About Xianming Sang and Renyi Zhang

Xianming Sang is an accomplished architect with an MArch degree from Harvard and professional experience at renowned firms such as Perkins + Will, OMA, and Junya Ishigami. Xianming specializes in designing large-scale office and residential buildings and creating innovative spaces for art exhibitions and fashion shows.

Renyi Zhang is an architect and urban designer with experience spanning the U.S. coasts. Holding a Master’s degree in Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Renyi has worked at prestigious firms like Sasaki and Perkins&Will, engaging in diverse projects nationally and internationally.

Q&A with Xianming Sang and Renyi Zhang

Q: What does “design” mean to you?

A: “Design means envisioning and creating spaces that enhance human experiences while respecting and integrating the natural environment. It’s about innovation, functionality, and aesthetics to meet community needs, solve problems, foster social interactions, and ensure sustainability.”

Q: How has winning an award developed your practice/career?

A: “Winning the 2024 A’ Design Award is a significant milestone, providing recognition and encouragement for sustainable and innovative solutions. It validates our focus on sustainability and motivates us to address environmental and societal challenges, pushing the boundaries of sustainable design in future work.”

For more information, visit their entry and profiles on, showcasing their commitment to excellence and innovation.

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