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Redefining Luxury Living: The Influence of Fine Italian Furniture on Home Decor


The luxury home decor landscape is continually evolving, shaped by various influences, from changing consumer tastes to innovative design trends. However, one influence has consistently set the bar high – fine Italian furniture. Under astute management, these luxury pieces have redefined home luxury, dictating new standards and influencing design concepts worldwide.

One man who knows all about the importance a unique piece can have on a room is Javier Cassoni. 

His company – Cassoni, has been in business for over 20 years. However, Javier was inspired by his grandfather, who set up high-end Italian furniture importers in Uruguay in the 1940s.. 

Today, Cassoni manages multi-million dollar contracts with global hotel and cruise brands and services over 40,000 interior designers and architects.

Javier decided to follow his passion for bringing high-end Italian design after studying at the University of Architecture in Montevideo, Uruguay.

“I loved architecture, but I realized that it was what went inside the rooms I was more interested in. Thanks to my grandfather, I had a wonderful grounding in Italian design and furniture, and I knew I wanted to bring it to others so they could enjoy it themselves. I wanted to become the best in the business.”

As a result of his business acumen, Javier now stands as a global leader in Italian furniture distribution: “We have an unwavering commitment to quality, and I am proud that we have earned our clients’ trust. At Cassoni, we have a deep reverence for Italian craftsmanship and culture. And we want to pass that on to our customers.”

Throughout his successful career, Cassoni has nurtured relationships with thousands of furniture and accessory suppliers, giving a platform to their meticulous craftsmanship. Cassoni’s company currently has over one hundred distinguished brands in its portfolio and has emerged as a pioneer in the luxury hospitality arena. 

As a testament to its ongoing success, the firm has clinched contracts with esteemed clients across North and South America. It now distributes furniture from Italy.

Major luxury hotel groups across the U.S. and eminent Carribean resorts source their furniture from Cassoni. Javier has guided his company to its position as the industry benchmark for luxury furniture distribution.

He believes that Italian elegance has become a benchmark of luxury because fine Italian furniture is characterized by its impeccable craftsmanship and innovative design: “I am proud we have played a significant part in setting a new standard for luxury in home decor,” he says.

“Each of our pieces, whether sleek and modern or ornate and traditional, carries an aura of elegance, showcasing a perfect blend of form and function. The intricate detailing, superior materials, and artisanal touch inherent in Italian furniture have made it a gold standard in the industry. 

Javier believes this shift has seen interior designers and homeowners seeking Italian furniture when curating high-end spaces. 

He can testify to this personally – some of the designers he works with supply Cassoni furniture to celebrities and presidential clientele.

Javier also says there is a yearning for the ‘La Dolce Vita’ aspect of Italian culture – the sweet life emphasizing beauty, comfort, and enjoyment. 

He says: “Astute management of Italian furniture has helped infuse this desirable lifestyle into home decor.”

Javier adds: “Luxury no longer means untouchable showpieces but rather encourages spaces that invite relaxation, conversation, and indulgence in everyday pleasures. High-end Italian furnishings perfectly capture this sentiment, shaping homes as comfortable as they are chic.”

The strategic placement of fine Italian furniture has greatly influenced spatial design. Italian pieces, known for their unique shapes and designs, can transform the aura of a space. 

Javier agrees: “An exquisitely crafted table can become a room’s focal point, while a plush, low-slung sofa can make the space feel more intimate and inviting.”

He adds: “The interior designers that work with us often use these pieces as anchor points, around which the rest of the room’s design revolves. This trend has made the art of furniture placement a crucial aspect of modern home decor.”

For the environmentally conscious, Javier says the management of fine Italian furniture has also played a crucial role in propelling the green luxury movement: “Many of the high-end Italian furniture brands we work with prioritize sustainability, using environmentally friendly materials and production processes.”

He reveals as these pieces find their way into homes and hotel suites, they influence the broader decor landscape, driving the demand for sustainable yet luxurious furnishings: “The result is a growing trend of eco-conscious luxury design, shaping spaces that are as kind to the environment as they are beautiful.”

Finally, Javier believes Italian furniture has paved the way for personalized luxury: “The myriad styles, from minimalist modern to elaborate classical designs, offer homeowners the freedom to curate spaces that reflect their taste.” 

He adds: “This focus on personalized luxury has encouraged a shift from cookie-cutter interiors to homes that reflect the personalities and lifestyles of their occupants.”

Santiago Bernal is the Founder of The Santiago Bernal Design Studio. He first met Javier when he came to his office as a vendor: “He had a marvelous collection and it started from there. He’s my most reliable vendor,” he says. 

Santiago adds: “Javier is very reliable and very knowledgeable. He also has a superior white glove service, which means he not only buys the pieces, but he oversees it, puts it in the containers, checks the shipping from the point of port arrival and then his team assembles and installs it. I have no headaches whatsoever.”

The designer says Javier has been very good for his business in many ways: “He is brilliant at troubleshooting. I had a project where I bought the wrong-sized doors, around a $90,000 mistake. I didn’t know what to do. Javier stepped in and managed to reduce the cost of that mistake to around $30,000 for me.”

He adds: “Javier understands the industry and how to deal with interior designers. We’re not easy to deal with! I think most of us have big egos!

“Buying and importing furniture from Europe is difficult. Things can go wrong, and items can get damaged. But Javier gets on the phone and gets the issues answered right away. He’s very reliable.

Santiago’s company does around twelve projects annually and has offices in Miami, Paris, New York and Bogota, Colombia. 

He says: “Javier is trustworthy and reliable. He is without a doubt superior in his field.”

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