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Berlin, Germany – Memo’s voice is unique and by now everyone in the rap world knows him. When he starts speaking, thousands of people listen because he delivers relevant and exciting headlines. Usually with “Beef” stories, he is at the front line and provides the readers with up to date news. There is always something exciting breaking on his Instagram or TikTok.

But how did he accomplish this ?

Memo started rap news back in 2017. Little did he know that when he launched the Rap Check page on YouTube, five years later he would be running a successful magazine.

The fast pace at which Memo works and his short and accurate news videos help Rap Check to be so successful. After all, who in today’s society still has the time and patience to watch a long video? Users want everything to be quick and uncomplicated. That seems to be his secret. More than 210,000 people follow his daily news on TikTok and there are almost 700,000 subscribers on YouTube. It seems like Rap Check did everything right. In an interview, Memo says: “I never thought that one day I would reach so many people, It feels so surreal”

“I always knew that I wanted to make videos on YouTube someday, but I never expected it to be so successful. I’m happy that so many people are captivated and informed by my content.”

He is regularly invited to important events in the rap world, After all, both sides benefit from it. Rappers in the USA have also invited him to film videos in America. He later publishes these v-logs on his channel “RapCheck” or on his Instagram account, where he reaches over 100,000 users.

Media Contact:

Company: Rap Check

Name: Memo

Mobile: 01762118484


Email: [email protected]

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