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Popular Types of Interior Design Styles: A Complete Guide


One common question that goes into the head of everyone is perhaps what are the various Interior Design Styles. Also, several people are looking to change the style of their interiors but they don’t know about how to go ahead with it.

You might not be aware but there is a style available for every preference and we would help in finding the interior design style that can be perfect for you.

Further, it is recommended that you get in touch with interior designers in Noida who would explain different types of interior design that are tailor-made as per your needs. Also, if you are in search of an interior designer, then style my space interior can be a great choice for you.

Likewise, each interior design style is backed with distinctive décor, furniture, lighting, and accessories that can provide you with a very distinct look.

So, in this blog, we will talk about different types of interior design styles that you can use for your space. Let us have a look: –

  • Traditional interior design

There are several interior designs available but the one that truly stands out is the traditional interior design. In this type of design, chairs and tables are made from dark wood. Its inspiration is drawn from 18th and 19th-century styles of housing in France and England.

Also, expensive textiles such as velvet, silk, and linen are used in window treatments as well as upholstery. Additionally, different kinds of patterns are used in the fabrics. These include florals, damask, plaids, and stripes. Sometimes crystal chandeliers are used to create charm in your home and it is heavily influenced by the traditional interiors.

  • Modern Interior Design

Modern and contemporary style of interior design has several similarities but it has some differences as well. Modern Interior design refers to the design that is used in a specific period while in contemporary design, the style keeps on evolving.

For instance, in Modern interior design furniture tend to have clean lines while having sleek and smooth surfaces. Among the designers, the favorite choices are metal, glass, and chrome. However, with the modern interior design, minimum decoration is being implemented.

Various painting and arts is used as a main form of decoration. Thus, colorful accents are utilized in furniture and art in a very neutral space.

  • Contemporary Interior Design

If we talk about the various interior design styles, then contemporary interior design is a style that keeps on evolving. The following type of interior design is used in the space that is simple and sleek. It is backed with features such as detailed moldings present on the windows and walls.

Other than this, open layouts are used such that distinct and interesting space is created. Also, clean lines and exposed legs are shown such that an airy and light feel can be given.

Various materials such as glass and metal are available due to their light-reflecting properties. Additionally, neutral color palettes are used in contemporary interior design alongside textured fabrics such that great interest can be created. Thus, in the end, you would have a very modern interior design.

  • Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist and contemporary interior design have a lot of similarities such as clean lines, uncomplicated forms as well and simple finishes. But the major difference is that in Minimalist Interior Design, Japanese design is used and in the following style, a lot of empty spaces are available.

Besides this, it tends to have a neutral color scheme, and a lot of texture is put into place. Another important aspect of the following type of interior design is that functional furniture is used and a lot of importance is given to the storage space.

  • Rustic Interior Design

In Rustic Interior design, you will find that a lot of industrial touches as well as natural materials are being used. The inspiration for Rustic Interior design was taken from the romantic movement. A lot of focus is put upon natural beauty as well as simplicity.

Also, a cozy feel is created by using sheepskin or cowhides in the wood. In the fabric, a lot of texture is used without much of a loud pattern. Sometimes, an industrial pendant light is included that can add much-needed sophistication.

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