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Polyna: The Siberian Songstress Crafting Arctic Art-Pop Magic


Emerging from a mysterious ‘dark town’ in Siberia, Polyna stands out as one of Europe’s most triumphant performers, mesmerizing audiences with her distinctive fusion of arctic, frosted art-pop. With an artistic palette ranging from Siberian throat singers to gypsy melodies, Polyna’s music pays homage to her diverse background and expansive creative vision. She now gears up for the release of her debut album—a heartfelt assembly of emotionally charged and dramatically intimate pieces.

Polyna’s Debut Album: A Harmonic Blend of Modernity and Heritage

Polyna’s debut album, meticulously crafted by Jonas Quant and Grammy-awardee Phil Tan, interlaces modern elements with echoes of her Siberian roots. The melodies, inspired by throat singers, along with rhythmic percussions created by ice players on Lake Baikal, immerse listeners in an enchanting sonic journey. Possessing an ethereal, cinematic quality, her music touches hearts, leaving a lingering impression.

Polyna’s Versatile Roles in the Music Industry

Beyond her roles as a singer, songwriter, and performer, Polyna also earns respect as an influential figure in the music industry. She serves as a recipe and a committee member for the prestigious Ovation Award, her country’s biggest music honor. This underscores her recognition and expertise within the industry, highlighting her contributions towards celebrating exceptional musical talent.

In addition, Polyna has also established herself as a prolific songwriter. Her unmatched songwriting prowess has steered collaborations with top music artists and brands, all seeking her unique creative touch. Through songwriting, she casts her musical spell onto diverse projects, leaving a distinctive imprint on the industry.

Sharing Knowledge: Polyna as an Educator

Polyna is all set to share her wealth of knowledge and experience through a course on the acclaimed platform, Collaborating with other industry maestros, she aims to provide aspiring musicians and music enthusiasts with insights into the craft of unique Siberian music. This education initiative reflects her dedication to nurturing the next generation of talent and sharing her wisdom with others. Her multifarious roles in the music industry, from committee member to songwriter and educator, spotlight her passion for music.

Online Popularity and Influence

Polyna’s music has reverberated worldwide, amassing popularity on various social media platforms. Her captivating journey and hypnotic sound have gathered over a quarter of a million fans. Through her online persona, she shares insights into her Siberian heritage, her artistic process, and her musical passion, inspiring others to embrace their individual paths.

Polyna Live: The Lighthouse Concert

Polyna’s artistry has also flourished through her captivating live concerts. With 50,000 fans tuning in to her immersive virtual performances, she has demonstrated her capacity to profoundly connect with global audiences. Now, with the world recovering from the pandemic, Polyna is thrilled to return to in-person concerts. Her upcoming show at the iconic Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach this August promises to be a landmark event. With limited seats, fortunate attendees will witness Polyna’s electrifying presence and a piece of Siberia brought to life on stage. This much-anticipated event signals a triumphant return to live performances, enabling fans to bask in the magic of Polyna’s music once more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see Polyna perform live for the first time post-pandemic. Book your spot swiftly as seats are in high demand. The unforgettable experience of witnessing Polyna’s artistry in person is guaranteed to be worth it. Prepare to be immersed in the captivating world of Polyna, as she transports you on a musical journey that transcends borders and captivates senses.

Follow Polyna on social media: @polynamusic. Stay updated on her latest releases, upcoming concerts, and creative ventures. Engage with her journey and join the global community of fans who have fallen under the spell of Polyna’s arctic art-pop magic. This Siberian songstress is just getting started, and the future of her musical exploration promises to be a thrilling adventure.

Check Polyna’s latest updates on her website:

Follow her artistic journey on Instagram: @Polynamusic.

For exclusive content, join her on TikTok: @polynamusic.

Enjoy her music and performances on YouTube: PolynaMusic.

Connect with Polyna online to join her musical adventure.

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