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Opside Ecosystem: Growing Together and Accelerating the Multi-Rollup Era


Hong Kong, 13th July 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Opside is a decentralized ZK-RaaS (ZK-Rollup as a Service) platform and a PoW network that supports ZKP (Zero-Knowledge Proof) mining. Opside uses a hybrid PoS & PoW consensus and provides a one-click feature for Web3 developers to create zkEVM application chains. At the same time, the massive computational tasks brought by many ZK-Rollups have generated a huge demand for computational power, providing a meaningful mining scenario for miners around the world.

Opside’s mission is to make ZK-Rollup more user-friendly and popular, thereby enabling the widespread implementation of application chains based on zkEVM. Opside provides the following services and innovations:

  • ZK-Rollup as a Service: For developers, they can deploy their own ZK-Rollup (zkEVM) on multiple chains with one click.
  • Opside ZK-PoW Cloud: For miners, Opside is also a multi-chain PoW protocol, supporting ZK mining, and generating zero-knowledge proofs for ZK-Rollups on multiple public chains.

Advantages of Opside

According to Vitalik’s latest article, we will transition from a multi-chain era to a multi-Rollup era in the future. The ZK-Rollup as a Service provided by Opside will make it possible for ZK-Rollup to be widely used. Developers do not need any ZK knowledge, they can create their own ZK-Rollup by selecting through the front-end interface. The created ZK-Rollup can become the Layer 2 of any public chain (such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, or Polygon PoS). The computational power involved will also be provided by the Opside ZK-PoW multi-chain protocol. This greatly reduces the development and operational costs of the project.

In addition, Opside will launch specific contracts with 0 gas fees in early July. When users use certain dApps on some custom ZK-Rollup, they will not have to pay any gas fees. These 0 gas fee contracts aim to solve the current high entry barriers of Web3 dApps and greatly improve the user experience.

Value of Opside ZK Ecosystem

Since the Opside Pre-alpha Testnet was launched on May 24, 2023, the Opside network has received significant market attention. Within just a month, there are over 130,000 unique addresses across the network, with a transaction volume reaching 5 million, more than 12,000 PoS Validators, and 65 miners. The cost value injected into Opside by global community members has already reached 25 million dollars.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the ZK application ecosystem of Opside is also continuously expanding. So far, six projects have created sovereign ZK-Rollups and deployed related applications, and more than ten other projects have been deployed on the Opside Public zkEVM. In addition, more than 20 projects are in the process of docking and scheduling. The ecosystem projects involve multiple popular tracks such as DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, Content, NFT, etc.

Here are some ecosystem project introductions:


Intro: The leading dex and liquidity marketplace on Opside powered by ZK-RaaS.

Category: Dex, Defi infra

Chain: Opside Chain, Opside public zkEVM V2

Galxe campaign: Potential airdrop


Intro: CryptoBlades is a revolutionary web-based NFT roleplaying game.

Category: Game

Chain: CB zkEVM (custom zkEVM)

Galxe campaign: Join


Intro: Era7 Game of Truth is a metaverse-style TCG.

Category: Game

Chain: ERA7 (Custom zkEVM)

Galxe campaign: Join


Intro: BlockNG aims to connect every participant in the classical blockchain & build a strong ecosystem.

Category: Dex, Defi infra, NFT

Chain: Opside public zkEVM V2, Law Chain (Custom zkEVM)

Galxe campaign: Join


Intro: XThrill is a causal game blending high-speed racing with intense shootouts, harnessing #ZK-Rollup technology.

Category: Game

Chain: XThrill (Custom zkEVM)

Galxe campaign: Potential airdrop

iZUMi Finance

Intro: iZUMi Finance is a multi-chain DeFi protocol providing one-stop Liquidity as a Service (LaaS).

Category: Defi

Chain: Opside public zkEVM V2


Intro: SoQuest is an all-in-one Web3 Quest platform that helps projects build Web3 communities and aggregate various project activities and information.

Category: Tool

Chain:SoQuest zkEVM(Custom zkEVM)


Intro: ReadON is a decentralized content distribution platform.

Category: Content

Chain: ReadON Content Test Chain(Custom zkEVM)


Intro: Relation builds a groundbreaking Web3 social data layer that empowers users with control over their social identities and data.
Category: Social

Chain: Relation(Custom zkEVM)

Elfin Kingdom

Intro: Elfin Kingdom is an MMORPG interplanetary kingdom in the Metaverse.

Category: Game

Chain: Custom zkEVM (Live soon!)

Ivy market

Intro: All-encompassing NFT marketplace that enables you to unlock additional benefits. Category: NFT Marketplace

Category: NFT Marketplace

Chain: Opside public zkEVM V2


Intro: Win-2-earn classic games with web3 tech.

Category: Game

Chain: Jackbot(Custom zkEVM)

Benefits of Deploying on Opside

Opside is EVM-compatible, meaning that any project developed with the Solidity language can be migrated and deployed at nearly no cost. There’s also no learning curve for new projects. Project owners can enjoy the security offered by ZK-Rollup, low gas fees, minimal operational costs, and greatly improved user experience.

Here are eight major advantages of Opside:

  1. ZK-RaaS: Opside provides ZK-Rollup as a service with enhanced security, trustlessness, and faster withdrawals. Support Ethereum/Opside Chain/BNB Chain/Polygon and more base chains.

  2. Managed Hardware: Required ZK-Rollup hardware resources are offered in a decentralized, permissionless way, reducing costs for developers.

  3. Zero Gas Fee: Opside’s custom Rollup Chains offer unique benefits when it comes to the economic model for fees. Developers are free to adjust the gas fee, even to 0. Thus, users do not need to pay any fees.

  4. Fully On-Chain: The platform facilitates fully on-chain implementation of games, financial derivatives, and social networks due to low gas fees and high throughput.

  5. EVM Compatibility: Opside supports various zkEVMs, offering a free choice of zkEVM SDK for developers and eliminating migration costs.

  6. Sovereignty: Developers retain sovereignty over ZK-Rollup, including the ability to customize the economic model and implement zero gas fees.

  7. Cross-Rollup Communication: A unified system contract facilitates native cross-rollup communication in different ZK-Rollups with the same basechain.

  8. Decentralization: Utilizing ETH 2.0’s PoS consensus, Opside enables more extensive validation and miner participation, enhancing security.

The Potential of Opside

More and more developers and project owners have demands for sovereign ZK-Rollup and 0 gas fee. Project owners can generate sovereign ZK-Rollups via Opside’s official rollup launchbase in 10 minutes, along with setting up basic matching settings such as browsers and bridges. Sovereign ZK-Rollup means higher security and stability. The 0 gas fee reduces user entry barriers, allowing many Web2 traffic to enter Web3 without obstacles. After transitioning from ETH to PoS, many miners have no place to go. Opside’s multi-chain ZKP PoW protocol can connect any rollup, providing them with decentralized computing power to generate ZK proofs. Opside maintains good relationships with global miners like Ingoyama and others, with joint promotions already underway.

At present, Opside is still in the early stage. It has been more than a month since the testnet was launched, and it already has over 12K validators, nearly 70 large miners, and more than 130k independent user addresses. A large-scale increase in various data is expected in the future.

Conclusion & Outlook

As a decentralized ZK-RaaS platform and a PoW network that supports ZKP mining, Opside has accelerated the widespread implementation of application chains based on zkEVM. Opside not only provides a one-click ZK-Rollup application chain generation feature, reducing the technical burden for developers, but it also uses its ZK-PoW Cloud to meet the computational demands of ZKP tasks generated by the increase in ZK-Rollups, creating a new mining scenario for global miners.

Moreover, Opside’s 0 gas fee contract greatly enhances user experience and reduces entry barriers, which is of epoch-making significance in solving the current high entry threshold of Web3 dApps. Since the launch of the Opside Pre-alpha Testnet on May 24, 2023, it has gained widespread attention and positive feedback globally.

With the continuous advancement and development of Rollup, there is reason to expect that ZK-Rollup technology will become more prevalent in many application scenarios. The emergence and development of Opside have made the large-scale implementation of ZK-Rollup possible. Also, it provides new mining opportunities for miners. Opside maintains a good cooperative relationship with large miners globally, laying a solid foundation for Opside’s future development.

Although Opside is currently in the early stage, its performance on the testnet has already demonstrated its huge potential. In the future, as more developers and project owners join, it is expected that Opside’s ecosystem will further expand, and the transaction volume and user base will continue to grow.

Join the Journey!

Opside invites more project owners to join our ZK ecosystem. Generate sovereign ZK-Rollup application chains with one click through launchbase. Whether it’s a new start-up project or an already stable operating project, they can get the necessary support and convenience from Opside. Opside not only helps project owners quickly deploy and operate, but also provides continuous technical support and an ecosystem development environment to maximize the value of the project. Send us an email at [email protected] and let’s explore the possibilities!

At the same time, Opside also sincerely invites all users to explore and discover projects they are interested in within our ecosystem. The Opside network ecosystem brings together applications from various popular tracks for community users to experience. We hope Opside can bring users a new interaction experience and allow users to participate and experience the charm of ZK more deeply.

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