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Nick Laureano Plans to Launch New App “Only The Motivated”


Nick Laureano motivates and inspires from Brockton, Massachusetts, a vibrant city located right on the edge of Boston. Throughout his life, Nick has exhibited a remarkable level of passion and determination in pursuing his interests, be it academics, sports, or other creative hobbies. However, his journey has not been without its challenges, and he often found himself feeling like an outsider, struggling to maintain his relentless drive for success.

From a young age, Nick possessed big dreams, envisioning himself playing professional basketball in the NBA. He poured his heart and soul into the sport, dedicating countless hours to practice and honing his skills. Despite facing setbacks and obstacles along the way, Nick refused to be deterred. His unwavering commitment to constant improvement and growth propelled him forward, shaping his character and preparing him for the path that lay ahead.

As time went on, Nick’s aspirations expanded beyond the basketball court. Recognizing his ability to inspire and motivate others, he began to explore the realm of motivational influencing. With an innate understanding of the power of positivity and perseverance, Nick sought to share his experiences and life lessons to uplift those around him. He aimed to be a beacon of hope, guiding others to overcome their own adversities and achieve greatness in their lives.

Nick’s current path, involves constantly improving himself and growing his career. He has cultured the impact that technology have on his mission to motivate and inspire others, leading him to develop an app called “Only The Motivated.” This innovative platform, set to launch on July 25th, serves as a hub for individuals seeking guidance, encouragement, and tools to help them achieve their goals.

Through the “Only The Motivated” app, Nick aims to provide a comprehensive range of resources, including personalized goal-setting strategies, daily motivational content, and access to a community of like-minded individuals. By leveraging his own experiences and knowledge, Nick seeks to empower users to overcome obstacles, maintain a positive mindset, and unleash their full potential.

Nick Laureano’s journey resilience and self-discovery has helped others to improve themselves effectively. Recently mentioned in the popular blog Poetic Stories, (  He has transformed his own struggles and setbacks into a driving force to create a positive impact across the U.S. With his success app set to launch, Nick’s commitment to helping individuals unlock their true potential is poised to reach new heights. His commitment further solidifies his position as a thriving motivational influencer.

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