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NASDAQ Tower Advertising: Maximize Your Brand’s Impact


In the bustling heart of New York City’s Times Square, the NASDAQ Tower Sign stands as a beacon for brands aiming to make a significant impact. This iconic advertising space, renowned for its dynamic digital display, provides an unparalleled opportunity for companies to showcase their messages to a global audience. With its strategic location and high visibility, the cost of advertising on the NASDAQ Tower Sign is a hot topic for marketers worldwide.

Advertising on the NASDAQ Tower Monitor is priced at $15,000 USD for a one-day campaign. This investment secures a spot on one of the most coveted advertising screens in the world, where the ad will be live for 24 hours and displayed a minimum of 300 times. Each 15-second ad offers substantial exposure, ensuring that the message reaches a vast and diverse audience. Additionally, the package includes professional photo and video recording of the advertisement, providing invaluable media assets for companies to amplify their campaign’s reach through social media, press releases, and other marketing channels long after the ad has run its course in Times Square.

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The importance of NASDAQ Tower advertising cannot be overstated. It’s more than just a display; it’s a statement. Times Square is one of the most visited locations on the planet, attracting an estimated 50 million visitors annually, not to mention the countless eyes that will see the advertisement through digital channels. The NASDAQ Tower, with its massive digital screens, offers unprecedented visibility, ensuring that an ad will be seen by a diverse and vast audience. This level of exposure is particularly beneficial for international brands seeking to establish or reinforce their presence in the American market.

Moreover, advertising on the NASDAQ Tower carries with it a certain prestige. It places brands among the ranks of global leaders and innovators, offering a unique form of validation and brand elevation. The tower’s association with the NASDAQ stock market also adds a layer of financial and technological prestige, appealing to a demographic that values innovation and success.

In conclusion, while the cost of advertising on the NASDAQ Tower Sign may seem steep at $15,000 USD for just one day, the value it brings in terms of visibility, prestige, and marketing reach is considerable. For brands looking to make a significant impact, secure a global audience, and amplify their message in unprecedented ways, the NASDAQ Tower Sign offers a prime advertising opportunity that is hard to match.

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