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Milady Meme Coin Hype Subsides: Here’s What It Means for the Future


Milady Coin was one of the most talked-about cryptocurrencies during the past few months. It  promised to revolutionize the crypto world with its innovative features and technology. However, as  time passed, the hype around Milady Coin started to fade away. Meanwhile, a new project called  Bitgert emerged in the market, which not only launched its blockchain as promised but also  announced the launch of a web3 real estate marketplace. In this article, we will explore the reasons  behind the fading hype of Milady Coin and the emergence of Bitgert as a potential game-changer in  the crypto space. 

Milady Coin was launched with a lot of fanfare and hype, promising to disrupt the crypto market  with its unique features like decentralized governance, automated market-making, and yield  farming. The project gained a lot of attention from investors and traders, leading to a surge in its  price. However, as time passed, the hype around Milady Coin started to dissipate, and its price  started to fall. One of the main reasons behind this was the lack of transparency and communication  from the Milady Coin team. Investors were left in the dark about the project’s progress, leading to a  loss of trust and confidence in the project. 

On the other hand, Bitgert emerged as a new player in the market, promising to launch its  blockchain as promised and also announcing the launch of a web3 real estate marketplace. The  project gained a lot of attention from the crypto community, and its price started to rise. The Bitgert  team was transparent and communicative about its progress, which helped to build trust and  confidence in the project. The launch of the blockchain and the announcement of the real estate  marketplace further boosted the project’s prospects. 

The Bitgert blockchain is built on the latest technology and offers several unique features like smart  contracts, atomic swaps, and decentralized storage. This makes it a potential game-changer in the  crypto space and opens up several possibilities for developers and businesses. The web3 real estate  marketplace is another exciting development that will allow users to buy, sell and rent properties  using cryptocurrencies. This is a significant step towards the mainstream adoption of  cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. 

In conclusion, the hype around Milady Coin is over, and the project seems to have lost its  momentum. On the other hand, Bitgert has emerged as a new player in the market, offering  innovative technology and exciting developments like the web3 real estate marketplace. The Bitgert  project has gained a lot of attention from the crypto community, and its prospects look promising. It  remains to be seen how the project evolves in the future, but for now, Bitgert seems to be a potential  game-changer in the crypto space. 

Where to Buy Bitgert? 

Bitgert is available on Kucoin,, Huobi & Pancakeswap

You can search Bitgert on Coinmarketcap

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